Vortech Maxflow Carbon CAI Assy for GT500 now available

GT500 Maxflow Carbon CAI Assembly

Vortech’s new Maxflow Carbon Cold Air Inlet Assembly for the 2007-2009 Shelby GT500 is now available and ready to help you realize your ultimate boosted performance goals for your GT500!  This assembly replaces all components upstream of the throttle body, and is compatible with the OEM GT500 supercharger, the Ford Racing TVS supercharger, the Vortech VTS3300 supercharger, and is compatible with OEM and most aftermarket throttle bodies (except Kenne-Bell) .

The Maxflow Carbon CAI Includes:

    • 123mm MAF housing (Vortech 8A003-111)
    • High flow air filter (6” diameter flange mount x 9” long )
    • 5” silicone sleeves (matte black exterior) with appropriate stainless hose clamps
    • Anodized aluminum MAF mount / heat shield
    • High-quality, 100% carbon fiber composite inlet duct (Vortech 4LFR112-020)
      • Seamless pre-preg bladder molded layup
      • 2 x 2 twill weave
      • Integrated breather and bypass fittings designed to mate-up with OEM hoses
      • 5” diameter inlet attachment to 123mm MAF outlet

Maxflow Carbon CAI Assembly – Vortech Part # 4LFR212-020 – MSRP $599.95

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