Owner’s Impressions – Vortech 2010 Camaro SS Supercharging System

Vortech Supercharging System for 2010 Camaro

Now that the Vortech Supercharging Systems are making their way into the hands of the general public, a lot of excitement is building around this system and everything related to it!  Impressions taken directly from proud owners of these systems speak for themselves…

I’m just gonna say, oh my God…This thing is sick!! It’s so addicting to hit the pedal now, that’s all I wanna do!!  Seriously though, this car pulls so hard now.  It’ll do 0-100 in no time at all!  The sound is absolutely beautiful.  It has a bypass valve that is open to the atmosphere so it sounds like the blowoff from a turbo, but at idle and low speeds you here the signature whistle of the blower.  The car runs just like stock, idles perfect, still runs very cool.  Even the supercharger itself seems to run cool.  Last night on my way to meet up with some friends I was having some “fun” on the freeway. When I got to my friend’s place I opened the hood and felt the intake pipe, it was cool to the touch, only slightly warm. Then I felt the blower and it was only warm.  I was surprised to say the least.  Overall I am extremely happy with this kit, from it’s fit an finish, to it’s performance.  Not one thing to complain about.  I just want to extend a thanks to everyone over at Vortech for making such a great product and being true to the enthusiast spirit.

– Michael B.

The Vortech Supercharger is by far a mind blower!!  I did not think it would make these cars haul A** like that.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!  The power puts you deep in the seat!  I’m not worthy of my own car anymore!

– Matt F.

My wife told me to knock it off.  I keep punching it and letting off to hear the pffffffff of the blow off.  It is waaaaay cool.  People look when you leave the signal when they hear the whistle of the blower!!!!  This is so much FUN. I can’t wait to get to the track and get the numbers to back up what the seat of my pants is telling me.  Vortech just makes this car MORE awesome!

– David C.

THIS CAR IS JUST AWESOME!!!  It was hard to see the road because my eyes were squinted from the huge smile on my face.  When I went in the passenger seat on the final test drive after the install, I couldn’t believe the power.  The only way I can explain it is, have you ever been on a world class roller coaster?  You know when you reach the very top and start down the nearly vertical drop?  Well, the feeling in your stomach at that moment is what it felt like when going through 1st thru 4th gears, times ten!!!  The Vortech is very predictable, when driving normally my car acts just like it did before the install, but when you get into the throttle it just starts setting you back in the seat.  Then, you better be ready to shift, because it goes from 4,000rpm to 6,000rpm just like snapping your fingers.  Excellent kit, I’m glad Vortech took their time getting it to market.  They got every detail perfect!!

– Don S.

I picked my car up from Vortech on September 4, 2009 and drove it from Oxnard, CA to Stuart, Fl to visit family. Then, I drove it home to Indiana. I passed through 12 states in all, and I put over 6000 miles on my car by the time I got home. I went through the desert in Arizona in 114 degree temperatures cruising at 80mph. I stood on the gas once and shot up to 145mph in seconds. I got out of the gas because it was scaring my wife.  I also raced a new Jaguar XKR convertible with a 420hp V8.  We were on the long bridge on highway 10 through Louisiana bayous cruising around 65 mph.  The guy in the Jaguar was challenging me to a race, so I waved him on as he stood on it.  I let him get about two car lengths ahead of me before I got on the gas.  When I did, I passed him like he was parked.  He probably took his $95,000 Jaguar back to the dealer. I have Vortech superchargers on my front windshield, so maybe he’s calling the guys over at Vortech to see what they can do for him.  I guess that all I can say is if you’re looking for a lot of hp for your money, you need to call up Vortech and you won’t be sorry.  I went from 400 hp to 603 hp with 518 pounds of torque tuned on 91 octane fuel at a very safe 10.9:1 AFR.   Thanks again Vortech. I loved this car when I first bought it. Now, I can’t stop driving it.

– Chris C.

Now, isn’t it time YOU contacted Vortech to get some additional power for your 2010 Camaro?

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