Speedfactory Charger Runs in the 9’s!

The crew at SpeedFactory Cars build fast cars for daily street use. Out of that necessity the Orange Charger Research and Development car was born, aptly called Pumpkin-Stein. It started life as a 5.7 Hemi Police Charger, and has gone on a journey of extensive testing & tuning, LOTS of broken parts, developing new parts, and progressively faster 1/4 mile times with several world records along the way. Among the parts enlisted to make Pumpkin-stein stalk its prey at the track, they stuffed in a 426 Hemi with a Vortech V-7 YSi-Trim Supercharger.

Pumpkin-Stein w/Vortech V-7 YSi-Trim Underhood

Pumpkin-Stein has been campaigned by SpeedFactory since June 2008. With full interior and stock drivetrain, this street/strip animal was running 10.29’s consistently. As we all know the new Hemi community is growing and evolving everyday, and thanks to the bar being raised recently by other enthusiasts, the boys at Speedfactory felt they had to up the ante a little.

Pumpkin-Stein's new, "lighter" interior...

Not wanting to change power adders or engine combinations, and with a race weight of 4,224 lbs. including driver Eddie Rosa, the next logical choice was to put the beast on a diet. Starting with the interior, losing all the usual suspects – seats, carpet, and headliner. Then they took it to the extreme. They scraped out all of the interior sound deadener and seam sealer, leaving the driver’s seat, cage and the original glass all around.

Pumpkin-Stein's new interior w/cage installed

Then they added a full cage and certification, and after all their hard work they brought the car’s fighting weight down to a much more svelt 3,735 lbs. including driver.

Now, you might ask what does all that effort and almost 500 lbs. lighter equate to on the drag strip? HELLO 9 SECOND CLUB!!!

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