Product Profile – Vortech Maxflow Bypass Valves

Vortech Maxflow Bypass/Blow-off Valves improve supercharger operations by opening to relieve unwanted pressure during deceleration. This reduces heat build-up and eliminates compressor surge. These units feature a “rolling diaphragm” design which provides ultra-quick valve response along with unmatched durability. Listed here from smallest to largest, Vortech offers a Maxflow Bypass/Blow-off Valve for virtually any requirement or application.

Standard Bypass Valve

Specifically designed for street applications. Eliminates compressor surge and reduces heat soak in the discharge tube. Recommended for vehicles running 6 to 12 PSIG. Both inlet and outlet mate to a 1″ hose.

8D001-001 Standard Bypass Valve $73.95

Maxflow Race Bypass and Blow-Off Valves

Our Maxflow Racing Bypass/Blow-off Valve flows 320 CFM @ 8PSIG and features a compact design that is ideal for applications with tight engine compartments. Available in several colors with either satin or polished finish housings, they are both functional and stylish. These units will retrofit to standard HKS/Greddy style mounting pads and out performs anything its size. Bypass valve is preset to open at four to five inches of vacuum and Blow-off valve is preset to open at 10 to 11 inches of vacuum. Installation gasket is included. The outlet mates to a 1.75″ hose. Weld-on flange required for some applications, sold separately.

8D204-001 Race Bypass, Satin w/Blue Top $257.95
8D204-003 Race Bypass, Polished w/Blue Top $257.95
8D204-005 Race Bypass, Polished w/Red Top $257.95
8D204-006 Race Bypass, Polished w/Black Top $257.95
8D204-007 Race Bypass, Polished w/Purple Top $257.95
8D204-008 Race Bypass, Polished w/Polished Top $257.95
8D204-009 Race Bypass, Satin w/Red Top $257.95
8D204-010 Race Bypass, Satin w/Black Top $257.95
8D204-011 Race Blow-off, Satin w/Blue Top $267.95
8D204-013 Race Blow-off, Polished w/Blue Top $267.95
8D204-015 Race Blow-off, Polished w/Red Top $267.95
8D204-017 Race Blow-off, Polished w/Purple Top $267.95
8D204-018 Race Blow-off, Polished w/Polished Top $267.95
8D204-020 Race Blow-off, Satin w/Black Top $267.95
8D004-051 Steel Weld-On Flange, Race Bypass $25.95
8D004-052 Aluminum Weld-On Flange, Race Bypass $25.95

Maxflow Mondo Bypass Valve

High-flow Mondo Valves (550+ CFM @ 10PSIG) are recommended for applications creating more than 12 PSIG and are mandatory for any system using a cog drive belt. Available in both Satin and Polished Finishes, these units can be adaptable to all types of supercharged and turbocharged installations, mounted at any angle. The outlet mates to a 2″ hose. Other features include anodized aluminum valve head with O-ring seal, a shaft configuration that allows valve head articulation for perfect sealing, and an improved dual vent design. A large signal hose connection provides for fast valve action. An installation gasket is included. Weld-on flange required for some applications, sold separately.

8D103-001 Mondo Bypass Valve, Satin Finish $297.95
8D103-008 Mondo Bypass Valve, Polished Finish $332.95
8D003-051 Steel Weld-On Flange, Mondo Bypass $18.95
8D003-052 Aluminum Weld-On Flange, Mondo Bypass $18.95

Maxflow bv57 Bypass Valve

The billet aluminum bv57 Bypass Valve flows an amazing 1300 CFM @ 10PSIG. It features a large rolling diaphragm configuration with –4 AN signal hose connection and dual filtered vents that allow for quick valve response. The valve head attachment method provides valve articulation for perfect sealing to the mechanically retained valve seal. It also features adjustable spring preload and reconfigurable signal input locations. It can be mounted in any position and is adaptable to all types of boosted engine installations. This valve is designed for use in speed density configured applications only (non-mass air equipped). Assembly includes V-band mounting clamp and sealing O-ring. Requires mounting flange upon initial installation (sold separately).

8D205-003 Maxflow bv57 Valve, Clear Anodize Finish $409.95
8D205-008 Maxflow bv57 Valve, Polished Finish $445.95
8D005-051 Aluminum Mounting Flange, bv57 Valve $24.95
8D005-052 Aluminum Mounting Flange, bv57 Valve $24.95
8D005-053 ATI Adapter Flange, bv57 Valve $23.95

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