Tjin Edition Camaro Mixes Things Up at REMIX…

Another weekend, another event for the Tjin Edition RoadShow Camaro. This car is everywhere!

This past weekend marked the inaugural REMIX car show event, which was held at Irwindale Speedway. The event brought in close to 400 top show cars, and the Tjin Edition RoadShow Camaro was parked right in the middle of the action in the Real Auto Works booth. Real Auto Works brought out 20 pristine cars, and the Tjin Edition RoadShow Camaro was their flagship vehicle.

The crowds started making their way into the venue around 11am, and the booth area and crowds around the Camaro were insane throughout the show. Fellow car competitors and spectators could not stop talking about the Camaro’s slammed stance, carbon fiber iForged wheels, clean interior featuring carbon fiber Status seats, and the stroked LS3 motor featuring a V-3 Si-Trim Supercharging System from Vortech.

This car show / drift event brought in a wide variety of spectators, which allowed the Tjin Edition team to talk to many different people about our partners products and our RoadShow program. The Tjin Edition RoadShow Camaro has been a great marketing tool for Tjin Edition, as it is the topic of conversation for many of our partner’s products. We had the opportunity to talk to spectators and fellow car competitors about Vortech Superchargers, Air Lift suspension, Status seats and harnesses, iForged wheels, Auto Meter Gauges, Royal Purple products, Webasto sunroofs, and Baer big brakes (not on the car yet, but we had a set of calipers and rotors in the car with us).

And as a side bonus, the Tjin Edition RoadShow Camaro won Best 2010 Vehicle of the Show. A neat trick, considering they were not even registered to compete!

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