In Memoriam – Paul Flores (Smirfs2k05) (1988-2010)

From S2Ki:

In Memoriam
Paul Flores (Smirfs2k05)

S2KI mourns the loss of our member Smirfs2k05 (Paul Flores) of the Southern California S2000 Owners group who passed away May 1, 2010 surrounded by friends and family. Coming as it does barely 3 weeks after we lost RC-Ryder, this is a shocker and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and with the SoCal community that Paul called home. He was mentioned in the recent front page post on the S2k Challenge series which said that Paul graciously helped with gridding the cars as he could not run because of a problem with his car.

On April 30th, Paul was changing the differential on his car, when something caused the car to roll and pinned Paul underneath collapsing one of his lungs and suffocating him. 20-45 minutes passed before it came to someone’s attention and Paul was air-lifted to the Loma Linda Hospital. Paul was kept alive on life support and battling for life until his moment of demise on May 1st. He was surrounded by family, friends and members of the S2KI community.

Paul leaves behind his significant other Mirrisha and his 9-month old child Lukha.

Mirrisha, Paul’s significant other had the following message for us:

“I hope I don’t offend anyone by posting on here, but I wanted to thank you all so much for being so wonderful to Paul’s family, Lukha, and myself. I cannot explain the comfort I felt by having all of you there to love and support us in our time of need. You were all brothers to Paul. He loved you all so much, talked about you constantly, and treasured the Wednesday IE meet and the Friday Topdown meet. Lukha won’t have Paul, but he will have all of his best friends, and you can all help me in keeping Paul alive. We will also come to the meets every once in awhile to say hi. Paul would have wanted Lukha to be apart of that special bond. I love you all so very much, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mirrisha and Lukha”

The original thread on the S2Ki Forum can be found HERE.

Paul and his Vortech Supercharged S2000 were an easily recognizable and welcome addition to the SoCal tuner car circles. Paul was a great guy, and friend to so many. He will be truly missed by all that knew him. Our prayers go out to his family.

Donations towards the funeral services and/or to Paul’s family can be sent through PayPal to

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4 Responses to In Memoriam – Paul Flores (Smirfs2k05) (1988-2010)

  1. andrewCANON says:

    you will be missed PAUL. IE

  2. Randy/FilthIEst says:

    rip paul u will always be a great friend. :*(

  3. Myriam Ward says:

    I must say, when I met Paul who worked down the street from my office, I couldnt believe, he has so much in common with my oldest son, who I lost in Aug 09, only 23, same resting location, had a child, just brought his first home, worked hard, had a beautiful smile, and loved beautiful and strong cars. Paul touched my heart, when I hear of his pasting, and more so, when I sat down to eat at the famous spot, and he was not there to take my order, which he knew by heart. As a mother, a tear had bestowed on me; in which, I do pray for his parents, family, and child. For I know how it truely feels to lose a child, a son, who was and is still wonderful, amazing, and loved. May God Bless him!

  4. Gumbo says:

    Sad. Rip.

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