Stillen Shows Off Their New 370Z/G37 Supercharging System at their 2010 Nissan/Infiniti Customer Appreciation Day…

When thinking about Nissan performance, you can’t get very far without running into the name Steve Millen, and his company Stillen. Over the years, Steve and his company has built a reputation as one of the premier Nissan tuners and aftermarket parts manufacturers in the industry. There were a plethora of 350Zs, G35s, Slylines, and Maximas, but currently the hot ticket is the 370Z and G37, and Stillen has just released their new Supercharging System for these vehicles utilizing a Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharger. These systems make an astounding 515 crank horsepower, yet are still safe and reliable for daily driving on 91 octane pump gas! There were several of these new Stillen/Vortech equipped cars at the event, and gained lots of positive feedback from attendees.

One of the most impressive vehicles at the event was the amazing G35 belonging to Randy Riggs. This G35 features everything a premier show car should, including a fully polished engine compartment featuring a V-2 Vortech Supercharging System, custom paint & body work, sick wheels, etc. If you aren’t already familiar with Randy and his car from, then keep an eye out for them, because this car is a show stopper!

Also in attendance was the Vortech Supercharged Wrecked Magazine/Universal Technical Institute drift 350Z, which drew a ton of attention while hanging out in the Vortech Superchargers booth.

Here is a video I put together from the show, it was a fun time, and a great day for all Nissan/Infiniti enthusiasts.

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