Vortech 3rd Party Manufacturers Showing With Style @ Bimmerfest 2010…

BMW enthusiasts of all ages and all walks of life descended on the Rose Bowl in Southern California this past Saturday, May 22, for the annual Bimmerfest. This year, however, it was larger than ever. Having outgrown its previous Santa Barbara location, the same location that is home to both huge sporting and concert events became BMW heaven for a day.

A big thanks to Brandon @ European Auto Source (EAS), compm3e92m3 from M3post.com, and M3ANMACHINE from E46Fanatics.com for providing us with these great pictures from the event.

VF Engineering has been manufacturing 3rd Party Supercharging Systems using Vortech Superchargers for nearly 10 years now, and are always a large presence at Bimmerfest. This year was no different, as they teamed up with EAS to put together an impressive display with some truly beautiful cars. With systems available for 3, 5, 6, 7, and Z series BMWs, chances are that if you have the need for more power, VF can fulfill your desires.

Not new to the European Tuning scene, Gintani has come on strong with their BMW E9X Supercharging Systems. Able to take on anything from mild bolt-ons, to full custom builds that include high boost applications and insane horsepower numbers, Gintani are making a name for themselves quickly in the BMW forced induction market.

ESS Tuning began supercharging BMWs in Norway over 15 years ago, and now also have a facility in the United States to provide the domestic market with their very popular systems. Widely regarded as the largest aftermarket BMW supercharging system manufacturer due to their mainly international customer base, ESS offers multiple staged kits to meet your boosted needs for 3, 5, 7, Z4, and M series BMWs.

…and here are couple of other Vortech Supercharged Bimmers thrown in for good measure.

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