Tjin Edition Roadshow Rolls Into The Meadowlands…

From Neil Tjin:

This past weekend we had another excellent RoadShow event at the Auto and Bike show in the Meadowlands, NJ. We arrived in NJ on Thursday night, did our shop visits on Friday and Saturday morning, and then set-up the massive 80×30 Tjin Edition booth on Saturday morning. The State Fair and Auto and Bike show opened to the public around noon (the car show opened at 2pm) and the madness continued till about 11:30pm. The event had about 300 show cars, drifting, music, and bike demonstrations, which kept the spectators and enthusiast at the show from open to close. The Tjin Edition RoadShow booth featuring our Chevy Camaro, rolling chassis, Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger and our partners products was located in a prime location right next to the main stage. Foot traffic at the event was very good, and our staff was constantly talking to show competitors, enthusiast, and shops about our partners products and the products used on our cars. Overall this weekend was a huge success with our shop visits and the event.

Vortech Supercharged Tjin Edition Camaro

Andy Goodman’s Vortech Supercharged S197 Mustang GT

Andy Goodman’s Vortech Supercharged SRT8 Challenger

Vortech Supercharged Tjin Edition Corvette Chassis Display

For more information, please visit Vortech Superchargers or the Tjin Edition Tour.

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One Response to Tjin Edition Roadshow Rolls Into The Meadowlands…

  1. Neil says:

    We love Vortech!!!!

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