Joe “All Go” Gets His YSi-Trim Blown Terminator Cobra In The 8’s At Cedar Falls…


For Joe “All Go” and his ‘04 Cobra, this has been what they’ve been in the hunt for ever since the car’s most recent makeover and engine build, giving Joe a solid 974HP at the wheels to play with come race day, much improved from the car’s previous 804 HP back in ‘09. To get the full scoop on what this car has been up to at Cedar Falls Raceway, checkout Jefe’s post on SVTPerformance. Better yet, have a look at the video of Joe’s out of shape, yet personal best 1/4 mile run with the car below –

Despite chasing the car all around the track, Joe still managed to hit the 1/8 mile marker at 5.66, and get down the 1/4 in 8.77 seconds trapping 158 MPH. Besting that, just this past weekend Joe brought the Cobra back out for a True Street event and got himself a somewhat more stable 5.58 in the 1/8th, a slight improvement.

The car had its share of 9-second passes with the old 3.4L Roots-style blower, but Joe’s latest big change is the addition of a YSi-Trim Vortech Supercharger huffing out about 30 lbs of boost on his 281 C.I. Modular powerplant. Bear in mind, Bart Toebner runs an identical blower combination on his NMRA Renegade car, that’s been well into the 8.1xx timeslot, though Toebner has a one-up on Joe in the cubic inch department with a 336″ motor. Also, Joe is running a C4 transmission and his Cobra has been tuned by Bob Kurgan at Kurgan Motorsports, though Joe is still hoping for at least some 8.5’s in the future and not ruling out the chance of low 8’s.

As Joe makes progress and awaits a day where the track isn’t 80+ degrees with humidity over 80%, will good weather conditions be enough to let this car into the low 8’s? If you’re asking Joe “All Go,” that answer would be a hell yes.

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One Response to Joe “All Go” Gets His YSi-Trim Blown Terminator Cobra In The 8’s At Cedar Falls…

  1. Carlos says:

    Now that’s awesome! It’s good to see a centrifugal blower car whoop some ass! Despite what most say nowadays and the bandwagon they rode in, there’s not a sweeter sound than a well built motor at full song and the whistle of a blower! Just my .02

    Keep up the good work!

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