“Blownbird” Don Barnett Hits The 7’s On A 275 Drag Radial…

From Dragzine.com:

Don Barnett may not be a household name like John Force but he sure is working hard to become a local hero to his fans that come out to see him run around the northeast. Better known as “Blownbird” to his friends, he has always been one to put on a show no matter where he was at. From being one of the fastest cars in the area to putting it on the bumper for well over 300 feet Don can do it with a smile.

Check out the Cecil County section on YellowBullet for the thread highlighting Don’s accomplishment.

One of the biggest smiles come this past weekend when he was making a few test hits at Cecil County Dragway in his Firebird. That moment was when he joined an elite group of 275 racers that have been in the seven second zone in the quarter mile. While he is not the fastest at the moment he and his crew feel that the combination have plenty left in it to be a major player.

Don relies on Rhodes Custom Auto for their amazing chassis work to help get his Firebird from A to B. The small block under the hood packs a mighty punch which is all propelled by a Vortech V-24 Xi-Trim Supercharger. A set of 23 degree heads from RFD help keep the air fuel mixture flowing courtesy of the Mike Murillo tune up in the computer. The seven second pass came with a front half that shows plenty of room for improvement and even kept the wheels on the ground which is a rarity for Barnett. He left the line with a 1.36 sixty foot which led to a 5.21 @ 140mph in the eighth. Out the back door is when the steam was a rolling and the Murillo Motorsports tune shined. 7.996 @ 176mph flashed on the scoreboard and much to his crews delight for all their hard work. One more pass was made to make some changes and he backed it up with a 8.03 @ 176mph which shows the crew is definitely getting a handle on things. Look for Don Barnett to be one of the fastest X275 cars the rest of the season.

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