Because Efficiency Means Power…

Sure, you may be able to break loose the tires with just throttle, but most of the vehicles we’re talking about can already do that. What we’re talking about is real power. The kind that pulls like a banshee after your tires hook up…where you want your engine to really pull. So, does what you’ve got feel disappointing? It should.

Yeah, we’re talking about all those Eaton based kits out there. Those are the ones that seem to “lay down” or go flaccid when it really counts. You know what I’m talking about. Right when you are expecting greatness, you get squat. OK, it’s not really squat; it’s heat, and lots of it. Some Roots type blowers (we can’t call ’em compressors because they’re not) do as good of a job as a heater as they do as a supercharger. At higher pressures they can have an adiabatic efficiency of lower than 50%, which means that half of the drive power is making heat rather than pressure. The newer units may be an improvement, but they still can’t compare with a good twin screw, let alone a proper, centrifugal supercharger.

Did we say good or proper? Oh, that’s because when designing and developing turbomachinery, you are going to need some really good “tools” and some real talent to achieve the performance and efficiency that you’ll find in a Vortech compressor. The suite of design and analytical software, coupled with a real SAE compliant supercharger test cell sets Vortech far apart from everyone else in the game. Don’t be fooled by slick marketing ploys and hype. Go with the name backed by over 20 years of industry leading performance.





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