2011 5.0L Mustang GT Supercharging Systems…

The new 2011 Mustang GT brings back a heritage that many of us muscle car guys grew up with known as the “Five Point Oh”. From the street to the race track, the 5 liter Ford engine has been an icon for decades. In fact, much of the reputation Vortech has built up over the years is directly as a result of the power and reliability that our customers have enjoyed from our early model 5.0L systems. This legendary platform has been the springboard for most of our supercharger breakthroughs. From the inaugural V-1 A-Trim, to the first quiet operating V-2 SQ, to the (still) unmatched and untouchable V-7 YSi-Trim, and even to the self-lubricated V-3 Si-Trims of today, the Vortech Supercharger has always been the best choice for Mustang enthusiasts all over the world.

It is for that reason, even though some companies may feel comfortable repackaging the same old 4.6L kit from 2005, Vortech does not. This new 5.0L Vortech system is specifically engineered around the completely redesigned engine in the 2011 GT. Utilizing the V-3 supercharger, horsepower gains per psi will eclipse competitor’s models due to pure, unadulterated efficiency. That’s 78% adiabatic efficiency for you tech-heads out there, which we would compare to the other guys’ efficiency numbers if they even had the equipment to test for it…but they don’t. The included air-to-air charge cooler is significantly larger than other offerings, translating into more effective charge cooling right out of the box, and substantially higher horsepower support on modified vehicles. The mounting location of this larger intercooler is far superior as well, placing it directly at the lower bumper opening where it can be most effective, instead of behind the bumper where it will get little to no airflow across it. The air inlet ducting, a stylishly well designed roto-molded piece draws air from the stock airbox, instead of directly over the hottest point in the engine compartment. This benefit will not only all but guarantee 50 state emissions legality for this system, but will also allow for larger MAF and CAI selection down the road.

You’d better mark this system down on your modification “To Do” list now, before you’re the last one without one!

More information to come. Stay tuned.

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17 Responses to 2011 5.0L Mustang GT Supercharging Systems…

  1. Mike@RMCR says:

    Your guys kits are being produced on a level that no other company is on. Great job guys. The kit looks great!!

  2. Teej281@YAG says:

    Nice pics…but specs, dyno sheets, and numbers would be better 😀

  3. Ryan says:

    Looks Awesome! So one question, why did you use the air to air charge cooler and not air to water? I read your white paper on the topic (which was really interesting) and air to water cooler was the more efficient “air cooling option”.

    Anyway, can’t wait fo the performance numbers! Nice Job Guys!

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  5. Carlos says:

    The way it sits in there is just tits! Great job guys, looks like it sits right at home! Now how about some numbers!

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  7. VOSS says:

    It looks great. Can’t wait for the RWHP number. What is with the whinning nose in the video clip above though? Me thinks it would get annoying as soon as you turn the key.

  8. Gonzalo @ GTR High Performance says:

    This kit looks awesome guys! This system will surely make some great horsepower!! Keep up the good work Vortech.

  9. Joshua says:

    I wish that all of the supercharger items where matte black so it would have the factory look. I have to say that this supercharger kit is really nice, but posting dyno charts would have been the cherry on top of the ice cream.

  10. Jason says:

    +1 on the matte black compressor/piping option!!!

  11. David says:

    WOW is all I can say!!! Neat install, quiet at idle. I have driven an 2011 in stock form and the anticipation for this system should be nothing less than buttery smooth dynamite!!

  12. RTRBURN says:

    Brian, will we still be able to use our Steeda CAI? Would be great if we can or if you guys can make it work.

  13. These 5.0s are absolutely insane. I can’t believe how much power they make!

  14. Chuck says:

    Hey Brian! I want to purchase the black kit asap, but I’m waiting for some official dyno numbers before I do. Any idea on when you guys will be releasing numbers?

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