Keoni Continues To Push The Limits In His SRT8 Jeep…

Never content with “too much” power, many automotive enthusiasts are already dreaming and planning out their next modifications even before the current ones they are working on are even finished. Such is the case with Keoni Stryhn, whose SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee we featured previously here in the Vortech Superchargers Blog.

Keoni’s new setup includes the same Vortech Supercharged PWR 393 cubic inch engine, heads, cam, and exhaust with a Nitrous Express nitrous kit thrown in for good measure… but now Keoni’s SRT is boosted with Vortech’s T-Trim Supercharger, pulleyed down and making just over 11psi of highly efficient boost. This combination has allowed Keoni to break the record even further for the World’s fastest Supercharged SRT8 Jeep – hitting the 1/4 mile with a 10.47 @ 132.57mph!

Keoni’s Jeep reaches the 60mph mark in just a tick past 2 1/2 seconds!

The record…and the timeslip to prove it.

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