Monster Energy Interview: 2010 IJSBA Pro Runabout Champ Dustin Farthing

OCT 22, 2010

Monster Energy Interview: 2010 IJSBA Pro Runabout champ Dustin Farthing

The Monster/Kawasaki pilot nails it big time versus the world’s best in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., coming away with three wins in three races
By Pat Schutte

The view from behind the goggles was frightening as near 30 mile per hour desert winds whipped Arizona’s Lake Havasu into a white-tipped field of blue/green terror. And it took a big time effort from a big time Monster Energy athlete to step up and overcome the conditions in order to be called World Champ.

The 16th annual International Jet Sports Boating Association’s World Finals in Lake Havasu City would take its toll on the field of the planet’s top personal watercraft (PWC) racers. Rising to the top in the premier Pro Runabout class, as he’s done some 15 times in the past, was Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s own Dustin Farthing.

Pro Runabout Open World Champ … the 2010 IJSBA No. 1 plate goes to Monster/Kawasaki and their industry-leading Kawasaki Ultra boat which Farthing, 31, held onto in the Havasu waves and chop in two second 0-60 mph bursts and upwards of 80 mph in open water.

Surviving the beat down and enjoying the spoils that go with a world title, Farthing made it home to Port St. Lucie, Fla. and phoned it in to Monster HQ. Here’s what went down.

Monster Energy: Yeah, Dustin! Congrats, man. I know some folks from Monster HQ were at Havasu this weekend … all reports back said it was bananas!

Dustin Farthing: We felt really good going into the weekend … we were well-prepared. Got down there for qualifying and that went smooth with a 1st place in my qualifier. Then moved onto Sunday and everything fell into place. My Vortech-powered Monster/Kawasaki/Ultra worked phenomenal and I felt good all weekend. We got three wins, qualifying and both motos and got the overall.

Monster Energy: People were saying the conditions at Havasu were pretty gnarly on Sunday.

Dustin Farthing: This year we had 25-30 mile an hour winds and there was a good wind chop, probably three feet. Made it one of the gnarlier years. The waves were really close together, which made it difficult to ride and wind chop blowing all over. One of the good things for me, besides my ski, was that I grew up in Florida riding the surf and am used to those kind of conditions.

Monster Energy: Did you guys have to change anything on the fly base on those conditions – like do you have a foul weather hull you can mount up to help sop up the chop better?

Dustin Farthing: We run what we brung! The Kawasaki Ultra is a good all-around ski, works well in all water conditions – flat or chop. In fact it actually works better in rough water because it really hooks up well and those conditions.

Monster Energy: What part of your body took the most abuse racing at Havasu?

Dustin Farthing: On the runabouts it’s your upper body – shoulders, arms, chest, neck – that takes the most stress. My Ultra produces 450 horsepower and can go from 0-60 (mph) in 2.3 seconds. So it’s got all kinds of torque and can yank you in every different direction. Add to that the waves and chop and you end up getting knocked around even more.

Monster Energy: Were you able to pull a lot of the other boats/models/racers out of the corners?

Dustin Farthing: Yeah, Kawasaki really did a number this year on the rest of the competition. There wasn’t another manufacturer that was even close to our ski this year.

Monster Energy: Was this a title defense for you?

Dustin Farthing: No, last year we ran into a mechanical problem and broke. Both me and my teammate DNF’d last year.

Monster Energy: Heading into Havasu this year who was your main competition – and what did you put together in terms of a game plan to stay in front of them?

Dustin Farthing: There was a lot of good guys this year. The Pro Runabout Open is a very competitive class. My Monster/Kawasaki teammate, Craig Warner, Nicholas Reyes and the defending champ from last year, Sam Harvey – any of us could have won it. I went in just planning on riding the best I could, ride to win … like every race I go to. Doesn’t really matter who’s there, I go to win races and that’s what our mindset is on when we get there.

Monster Energy: Sixteen world and national titles is a lot. How big a deal is this one compared to your other ones?

Dustin Farthing: This one was sweet. This was a good year. We’ve got a new performance product company that makes performance parts for all personal watercraft makes and manufacturers – Mountain Motorsports Performance Products ( So we had all kinds of our performance product on the ski this year and won with parts we designed. My father builds all my stuff, so to design and test with him and win the championship our first year out was pretty sweet.

Monster Energy: What’s going on now … where’s your next competition?

Dustin Farthing: Right now I’m considering going back to Thailand for the King’s Cup in December.

Monster Energy: King’s Cup … you’ve won that before haven’t you?

Dustin Farthing: Yeah, I’ve won it a couple times, both times I’ve been to it I’ve won. So I’m trying to put that in motion to see if everything’s going to fall into place and if I need to ship a ski over there the first week of December. Other than that working on our new company and getting parts ready to ship the first of the year.

Monster Energy: Nice. Last question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Dustin Farthing: A cowboy.

Monster Energy: Giddy-up! And congrats again from everyone at Monster on your world championship effort this past weekend.

Dustin Farthing: Thanks and thanks to everyone at Monster. Monster had a great presence at Havasu like we always do. It was nice seeing the people from Monster HQ that made the trip out to Havasu to watch us race. Look forward to getting back there again soon.

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