Jerry Gaddis Has A Daily Driven 9.44-Second Vortech-Blown Z06 To Satiate His Need For Speed…

From Street Legal TV:

There are Corvette guys and then there are Corvette Guys. Jerry Gaddis is one of the latter. Jerry’s got a third-gen Stingray with a GMPP crate motor that keeps it mild enough to enjoy on the road but stout enough to haze the skins when the occasion calls for it. But it was when the founder of the monster performance personal watercraft (PWC) forum and performance parts distributor purchased this inky black Z06 that his Corvette lust took a turn for the worse.

Jerry couldn’t leave the 505-horsepower output alone and opted for a bevvy of go-fast goodies (this is a guy who dropped a supercharged BRP 4-stroke into a Yamaha Wave Runner to run well over 95 miles per hour, after all). Jerry whetted his appetite for single-digit passes with a Vortech T-Trim supercharger compressing the stock LS7 bottom end to the tune of a 9.54-second pass.

Eager for more, Jerry had the engine rebuilt by Dallas Performance with Vortech YSi-Trim supercharger. Backed by an RPM Transmissions Level 7 4L60 automatic gear box conversion and all tuning by Taylor at Dallas Performance, the ‘Vette rocketed to a 9.44 pass at a blistering 149mph at Muncie Dragway in Indiana after putting in the forged motor and YSi supercharger. When will it end? Likely never, as Jerry’s insatiable hunger for haulin’ ass drives every aspect of his life.

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