Vortech Superchargers At SEMA 2010, Part 2…

Trying to see everything at the SEMA show is certainly a task…the show is HUGE! I’m sure we may not have seen absolutely everything, but we tried our best. Here is the remainder of our pictures from the show. ENJOY!

The Street Concepts Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharged 2011 Camaro SS was on display in the Giovanna Wheels booth.

This widebody S2000 will be competing in the Optima Battery Ultimate Street Car Challenge…go get ’em Charles!

Dave Christensen’s V-3 Si-Trim Supercharged Camaro looks better every single time we see it.

Ken Johnston’s multi-award winning Charger was brightening up MOPAR Alley. There is no part of this car Ken hasn’t changed, upgraded, or redone! Even his Aftercooler sticker from his V-3 Si-Trim Supercharging System has been made custom to match his color scheme!

Never able to get enough of Randy Riggs’ G35, we went back for more shots of it…only to find it had won a Mother’s award for paint & shine! Way to go Randy!

We were floored when we found this VIP-Style Lexus GS400 on display with a custom V-2 Supercharger setup under the hood.

Making its appearance from the movie Kick-Ass was the V-3 Si-Trim Supercharged “Mist Mobile” Mustang, belonging to the character Red Mist.

The Tjin Edition Camaro was getting a custom full wrap done by the boys from Wraptivo during the show, and this was the end result. Very impressive guys!

The Formula Drift Race Car belonging to Team Retaks was showing off its special surprises under the hood…Chevy LSX powerplant with a Vortech T-Trim compressor feeding it the boost. Watch for these guys next season!

This M3 was there to promote ESS Tuning and their Vortech equipped Supercharging Systems for BMWs.

The widebody VF-Engineering M3 is such a cool concept…all decked out in military styling and ready to attack. Next time leave the hood open so people can see the supercharging system guys!

This slammed SRT8 Magnum from Show & Performance is sporting a V-3 Si-Trim System and looking mean.

Aside from what you see here, among the many other things this purple G35 has going for it are the V-3 Supercharging System and Cosworth Intake Manifold under the hood. You’ll just have to take our word for it though, as we didn’t get any pics with the hood up to share.

This Shelby Terlingua Mustang was on display in the Roadwire booth.

The Trent’s Trick Upholstery Camaro SS made another appearance this year, still looking as good as ever.

The 281 Motorsports Police Mustang is sporting a V-3 Si-Trim Supercharging System, just in case some lawbreaker decided to try & run.

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2 Responses to Vortech Superchargers At SEMA 2010, Part 2…

  1. Ben "Hurricane" Ogg says:

    great work guys looks good keep it up — look at for “RED MIST”

  2. your cars are extremely nice.

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