Vortech YSi Powers a 3,500 Pound Freight Train Into The 8’s!

Vortech YSi Powers a 3,500 Pound Freight Train into the 8’s!
Photos by Wade Exum Holland

Kelly Henry of H&H Racing in Lancaster, California put together this little hot rod for the sixth annual Street Car Super National’s at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Powering the ’91 Mustang is a 454ci big-block with a Vortech YSi supercharger that’s pushing 14 psi through a carbureted blow-through system. The remainder of the drivetrain consists of a Powerglide, an 8.8 rearend with 3.55:1 gears, and rides on 28×10.5 Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks.

Off the trailer, Kelly clicked off a 5.88 at 123 mph in the eighth-mile and 9.04 at 154 mph in the quarter-mile. By the end of the weekend he ran a string of 8-second runs and bettered his eighth-mile to the tune of 5.79 at 126.73 mph.

For the 2011 season, Kelly plans to compete in Outlaw 8.5 with the West Coast Hot Rod Association. Based on the class rules, Kelly will have to keep his 3,500 pound figure, however the new Vortech powered combination will ensure him to be a threat to contend with.

Kelly would like to thank the following people; his better half Melissa for putting up with the endless nights in the garage, Bob Endress of Vortech Engineering for all of his help, Rocco Acerrio of A.R.E. Performance in Simi Valley, California for the all of the late night tech support and help with parts, and to The Carb Shop in Ontario, California for putting together the ultimate blow-through carburetor.

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3 Responses to Vortech YSi Powers a 3,500 Pound Freight Train Into The 8’s!

  1. Tom Henry says:

    Wow you should be very proud of that thing it is amazing……..Way to Go

  2. Helen Henry says:

    Kelly has always been a speed junky, even when a baby. The only time he has only taken a long time to do anything that I know of is getting born. That took awhile. 🙂

    You go !

    Love ya!

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