Another Vortech Supercharged SRT8 Jeep Record? Yes Indeed…

Time and time again, Vortech has proven to be the system of choice for serious automotive enthusiasts the world over, and the SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee community is continually singing the praises of the efficient boost and reliable power that Vortech Superchargers provide. Currently, the list of the world’s fastest supercharged SRT8 Jeeps all feature Vortech boost in their list of modifications, and now a new record has been added to the list. The record for fastest stock engine SRT8 was smashed by Tony Schrum at ATCO Raceway in New Jersey with a scorching 11.17ET @ 118MPH.

Record holder Tony (known as TONYSRT8 on the cherokeesrt8 forums), is an IT professional from Western Pennsylvania that loves talking about fast cars and hitting the dragstrip. When asked how he feels about his Vortech System, Tony said “I love the Vortech, when daily driving it is like a lion waiting in the brush for its prey. Then when you hit WOT (wide open throttle) it comes out of nowhere and surprises everyone.” What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is that when Tony broke the record he wasn’t running on slicks or drag radials…but on street tires!

As far as the future goes, Tony says he is planning on putting in a limited slip rear, but other than that his Jeep is pretty much the way he wants it. His current setup includes the Vortech V-3 Si-Trim System setup for 9 psi of efficient boost, a Safeinjection methanol injection system, an MHP TCM, Stage II valve body, Borla S-Type Exhaust, BWoody Springs, Jet 180 Thermostat, and 275/315 Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport RFT. Styling upgrades include a Medic Carbon Fiber hood, Stillen headlight covers, Debadged, Front SRT grill emblem, 20% Tint, and more.

Tony says “I’d like to give a shout out to Wade for taking the video of my 11.17 pass. Simon Matthews for taking the picture of my Jeep launching at Atco, and all my friends on for all the support. But most of all my wife Leah for standing behind me and my crazy Jeep obsession.”

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One Response to Another Vortech Supercharged SRT8 Jeep Record? Yes Indeed…

  1. Wade Lear says:

    Tony it was a pleasure being able to video tape your record breaking pass you really impressed everyone there showing the true power of the Vortech blower. I think Keoni also bested his last best time that day to with a 10.55 so 2 Vortech owners tearing it up that day.

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