Z Car Garage Boosts A New 5.0, And Proves That It’s OK To Love More Than One Kind Of Horsepower…

Rob Fuller, and his San Jose, CA performance shop Z Car Garage, are what you would call enthusiasts. Famous for answering the phone by singing “I Love The Z!!!”, and with the shop constantly filled with the fastest Vortech Supercharged Z Cars in the Bay Area, Rob and crew are about as dedicated to the Nissan performance arena as you’ll be able to find on this side of the Pacific Ocean. However, lucky for us the boys at ZCG are also never afraid of a challenge…so when the opportunity to put some of the good stuff to one of Ford’s new 5 Liter Ponies arose, the boys jumped in with both feet. Take a look at this entry from their Z Car Blog:

No, this is not a Nissan. It is not even a Z. This is a 2011 Ford Mustang GT, and it’s wild with plenty of horses. How many? The 5.0L engine is rated at 412hp from the factory, but the ZCG dyno reveals it’s true output! Rob tells the story of how this GT gets a serious boost in power from an already potent powerplant:

“Michael L lives in Santa Cruz, Ca. He was referred to Z Car Garage by Vortech Engineering in Southern California. ZCG is a Top Tier Installer of Vortech products and we have performed several non-Nissan installs. You might remember the 2010 Camaro from last fall. Michael and I spoke and decided to meet. I told him we would love to add boost to his new ‘Stang as long as he didn’t mind that all the other horses in this stable would be Zs. Once again Vortech delivers with an amazing product. The kit parts and installation are as if Ford designed it to be a dealer add-on. This is a limited edition kit to celebrate Vortech’s 20-year anniversary in the performance aftermarket and most of the components are finished in matte black.”

“ZCG’s Josh C comes from a Ford background. Growing up his Dad’s pride and joy was a 1970 XR-7 Cougar ‘vert. Only 1700 were made in the 351 and 4 speed set up. We hope to help Josh’s father restore this car someday. During his younger days Josh owned a ’69 Mustang and a ’65 Ranchero so he was excited to add his touch to the late model Mustang.”

“Back to the car… this Mustang marks the return of the 5.0. Rated at 412 hp at the crank this pony put down some strong baseline numbers: 376hp/364tq. So the 5.0 is really making close to 440hp at the crank! The Vortech kit is intercooled and is going to be completely smog legal delivering 8 psi of boost. Post-install dyno numbers are very impressive: 496hp/436tq! The car starts and drives like a stock car until you press the go pedal. Great job Vortech! Enjoy the ride Michael and may your second car be a Nissan.”

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