StangTV – 2011 Mustang With Standard Vortech Kit Breaks 600 RWHP…

Check out this Blog Entry from the StangTV Blog:

The 2011 Vortech Supercharger kits have recently been made available to the public. Terry “Beefcake” Reeves managed to run 10′s on a barely modified slushbox with a prototype Vortech kit some time ago, but everyone wondered what a production kit would do. Vortech themselves put out a video of their shop vehicle laying down 577 rwhp with their base kit and a cat-back, but then again people were still looking for independent tests.

Inside Line recently tested Vortech’s aforementioned shop Mustang and produced a disappointing 12.2 quarter mile time, four-tenths faster than stock, with nearly 200 more horsepower to the rear wheels. Anyone that has ever followed their testing before knows they typically produce slightly slower quarter mile times than most, but we are talking a car that should run solidly in the mid 11s…even with the 20-inch wheels it’s equipped with. Then we saw a mystery shop install the stock kit and it produced less then 500 horsepower to the rear wheels on 8 PSI of boost. Something just wasn’t adding up here.

Finally a tip from credible shop owner Brent White of Brenspeed, pointed us to a video on their website. Brent is well known in the tuning world for late-model Mustangs and recently installed a standard Vortech kit on their 2011 Mustang shop car, which is only equipped with a Kooks header back, adding around 25-30 rwhp over stock. The first pull in the video was to 6300 RPM and put the power at 595 rwhp with a backup run to redline netting 603 rwhp and 501 lb/ft of torque. Brent says they aren’t even done with the tuning of this kit and feels confident that they might be able to squeeze a little more power out of it.

Finally an independent test putting the supercharger kit on par with Vortech’s own internal vehicle. With over 600 RWHP on tap from only a header-back system and Vortech supercharger, one should be able to run deep into the 10s with a good set of slicks.

Keep it tuned to Stang TV as we will be doing a full tech article and video install of Vortech’s system on our shop 2011 GT. We will then be taking it to the track with a set of Mickey Thompson 18-inch drag radials equipped on the stock wheels to see what kind of times we can achieve at the track, while still being a 100% street-friendly vehicle.

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