Camaro Vs. Mustang Vs. Challenger – Pony Car Wars 2011 Is Coming to Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Camaro VS Mustang VS Challenger

April 8th-10th, 2011

Welcome to Pony Car Wars, as part of the Mopars at the Strip event. Open to all 2006 and newer Model Camaro, Mustangs and Challengers.

Basic Rules

Class is open to late model Challengers, Mustangs and Camaros. All power adders are legal. This class is for street legal 2006-2010 models. All entries must run on a dial. Have fun.


Winner $500.00
Runner Up $200.00
Semi’s $75.00
Entry fee $75.00

$500.00 Bounty: If winner of this class is a Dodge Challenger, Payout to winner doubles to $1,000.00

$750.00 Bounty: If the winner is Chevrolet Camaro, Paid by Painter Chevrolet,

(12 Car Minimum)

Racing is Friday,Saturday and Finals are Sunday April 10th.

General Race Information:

Class minimums are set at twelve vehicles or as specified to run a race class. If the minimum is not met by the event dates, you will be moved to another class such as street or time only. Event Promoter and Las Vegas Motor Speedway reserve the right to modify race schedule and posted payouts.

If a class does not meet the class minimums (except for Slant 6) and the participants want to continue in a group the advertised payout will be void, and participants will be paid on a $100.00 per round won during eliminations.

Class size: If total qualified class entries exceed 150 qualified entries, Eights will be paid $150 each.

Additional Race Information:

1) Pony Car Wars will be run as an e.t. Bracket.

2) .500 Full tree for all classes.

3) As special race director will be on hand to coach, supervisor answer questions etc for all Pony Car Wars contestants. This class is designed to be fun, bring your Camaro and Mustang friends to compete with the Challengers.

4) Classes will be randomly paired until the semifinals before being placed on a qualified ladder based on closest to dial-in.

5) Best reaction time on a winning run will determine the provisional bye.

6) First or second round buybacks will be offered in all bracket classes (time permitting). No buy back in Pony Car Wars

7) Please display all car numbers and dial-ins on the left (driver’s side) of the car.

8 ) All race entries include one weekend pass.

9) Low e.t. is determined in those classes that have a bounty attached for low e.t. (Sport Compacts, New Hemi Challenge, All Truck Class, and Viper). Low e.t.’s are determined by the quickest elapsed time during Saturday’s qualifying. Low e.t. bounties will be paid at the conclusion of qualifying on Saturday evening. ($75 each)

Bounty for fastest Mopars: All bounties will be paid on Saturday’s qualifying/time trials at the conclusion of Saturday’s race program. All bounties are for Mopar-powered vehicles only. Laps on Sunday do not qualify.

10) Punch cards will be handed out to all race participants after they pass tech. These punch cards will be used to ensure that every participant will receive equal passes. To ensure your equal number of passes, please be at LVMS early on Friday morning.

11) Optional bonus rounds may be available if time permits on Friday evening. To be announced. Schedule is greatly affected by car count, oil downs; please check your vehicle for leaks before leaving home.

12) Synthetics oil products are popular as lubricants. The chemical compositions of these lubricants also make them very costly and difficult to remove from a race surface. The race rule concerning synthetic oil products: If you have an oil down during the event and are using synthetic oil products, you will be given a warning on the first occurrence. If you oil down the track a second time during the event, you will be disqualified from any further competition at this event. This comes from the staff at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and JP Motorsports. Synthetic are costing everyone valuable track time. If you have a problem, please pull to the side and stop the vehicle as soon as possible, eliminating further damage and down time.

13) Trailer parking is available at the strip for all race contestants at no additional cost. Any others (show car participants, vendors, and so on) wanting to leave their trailer during the event can leave their trailers for the entire weekend for an additional fee of $75.

14) Motorized scooters, golf carts, and so on are permitted as long as they are operated by an adult, who is at least 16 years old and has a valid driver’s license. Any minors operating these vehicles will be warned once; a second warning will result in the vehicle confiscated until the event concludes.

15) Tech will be open on Thursday, April 7th, starting at noon. ETI tech will be available. For a complete listing of tech rules and regulations consult our web site, If you are a beginner racer, tech is set up to protect you. Tech is there to ensure safety. Give your car a thorough visual inspection. Look for and fix anything that is leaking. Check your tires and brakes. Make sure that you have an overflow bottle for your radiator coolant. If the tech officials find something they don’t like, they will address it with you and suggest remedies. You should have time to correct the problem before the racing begins. These are NHRA and LVMS Rules, we (JP Motorsports will not waive any safety rules, they are there for your protection).Double check your dates on your safety belts, change them before you leave home. They have to be correct to run.

16) Roll bars, if your vehicle runs faster than 11.49 seconds, you have to have a certified roll bar in your vehicle.

17) Roll cage certification is required for vehicles 9.99 seconds or quicker and/or for vehicles 135 mph or faster. Each second quicker you run, there are specific qualifications that are necessary to compete. Consult an official NHRA rule book.

18) Non-racer trailer parking and RV parking at the strip during the weekend. A $75 fee will apply for non-racers for trailer or RV parking.

19) Racer Parking is included with your entry fee.

20) Trailer drop off prior to or after the event contact Las Vegas Motor Speedway Security at 702/632-8029.

21) No trailers will be accepted inside the drag race facility until move in on Thursday, April 7th. Secured storage is available before and after the event by contacting LVMS Security at 702-632-8029.

22) Race Radio Frequency: the track radio frequency is 103.9 FM. It is your responsibility to tune your radio to this station and listen for information concerning your race class call-ups. They will be announced over the public address system and also broadcasted over the radio at 103.9 FM. Tune your radio to this frequency upon entering Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

23) Please only save a maximum of 4 racer pit parking on Thursday entry. Any questions ask for Sally or Replace with Special Parking area will be set up for Pony Car Wars Participants.

24) A 10 mph speed limit in the pit area.

25) For further race information contact Nitro Joe Jackson at e-mail

26) Gate Information: All spectators and participants are encouraged to use Interstate 15 to exit 54 (Speedway Boulevard). All facility entry gates will be located on the left side of the street. Please follow the signs.

Gate 14: This will be the only entry point for racers,

Gate 12: Spectators please use Speedway Boulevard Gate A. Speedway Blvd Hollywood Gate and follow the loop road to the dirt track pit area at LVMS. This will be the only entry point for the show cars, auction, and swap meet vendors.

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