Mike Doyle Has Bully Of A Challenger That Will Definitely Steal Your Lunch Money…

Mike Doyle doesn’t keep a car stock for long. “I’ve modified everything I’ve ever owned.” states Doyle. “I bought this car with no intention of building it…but after 3 months I started the mods.” And oh how the mods did come! “First came bolt ons, cylinder heads, and a new cam. Then the next step was to stroke the motor.” Still not content, Doyle turned to Vortech for some boost.Mike says “I’ve used Vortech superchargers since I was 17. They’ve always been fantastic products.” On went the V-3 Si-Trim System with air-to-water aftercooler set @ 8psi, along with some serious drivetrain upgrades. Together, these mods were good enough for a 10.8e.t. @ 128mph. Never content to keep things the same, Doyle then had an icebox made from his buddy Justin Burcham @ JPC and modified the charge cooling system at the same time. The last step was to adapt the V-7 JT-Trim to the car and up the boost pressure. Here is a dyno graph of Mike Doyle’s Challenger as it sits currently on 13lbs of boost.“Gil Cormaci and Mike Reagan from Vortech have been a big help on this last stage taking my 4285lb car into the 9’s on only 13lbs of boost” states Doyle. “Mike Reagan was the one that suggested the JT-Trim, and that been key to my project’s success.”

Doyle also wanted to give a big shout out to Arrington Engines, RPM Rollbars, and Flowmaster. “I know the guys at Arrington well, they built my current engine and are my main dealer for parts. RPM Rollbars and I are working on new products which we hope to be showcasing at the upcoming event on June 3-5 at MIR. Flowmaster has been fantastic to work with, the exhaust on my car was the test unit for Challenger SRT.”

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