The Tjin Edition Roadshow Takes The East Coast By Storm…

Over the past month the Tjin Edition team has been extremely busy making their way up and down the East Coast. After their first event in North Carolina, they kicked things off on April 25th and joined forces with UTI for the NY Auto Show. The event was a huge success, and the Vortech Anniversary Edition Supercharged Tjin Edition Ford 5.0L Mustang and UTI Ford Fiesta were both on display.The following weekend the Roadshow made its way out to the 5th Annual Sonic meet, which brought in over 1,000 cars. The Roadshow booth was located in a prime spot at the center of the show and the booth was busy throughout the event.Two weeks ago the team took the Tjin Edition Ford Mustang to the CBRD Dyno Day, which was a big modern muscle event just outside of York, PA. The Tjin Edition Ford Mustang drew in crowds all day. The hood was popped open, showcasing the Vortech Anniversary Edition Supercharged 5.0 engine. The Mustang was the talk of the show, since it put down 655 horsepower on the dyno earlier that week.Last weekend, the RoadShow was out in full force at the Carlisle P&S event, and our 80×30 booth was one of the largest at the show. The Tjin Edition Ford Mustang and UTI Ford Fiesta were both crowd favorites, and our team had a great time interacting with spectators and consumers about our partners amazing products.After four shows in a row, most people would think about taking a weekend off, but not the Tjin Edition team. The boys have a double header of events planned for this weekend, and then move full speed ahead into June with the Ford Nationals and the OC Car and Truck show!

The Roadshow team want to thank each and every one of the Tjin Edition Roadshow partners again for their support and they look forward to a great summer touring the country…see you on the road!

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