The Rose Bowl Turns Euro For Bimmerfest 2011…

Continuing to grow and expand, the annual BMW gathering known as Bimmerfest descended on the Rose Bowl in Southern California this past Saturday, May 14th. All the major players in Bavarian high performance were in attendance, and everyone knows all the respected brands use Vortech Superchargers in their kits. Here are some great shots of EAS, VF Engineering, ESS Tuning, and Gintani Bimmers in all their glory.

A big thanks to European Auto Source (EAS), and 1013mm from for providing us with these great pictures from the event.

VF Engineering returned to the EAS booth this year with an impressive display of Supercharged goodies. A staple in BMW 3rd Party Supercharging using Vortech Superchargers for over 10 years, VF-Engineering has systems available for 3, 5, 6, 7, and Z series BMWs, in addition to some other European favorites.

Gintani has tackled some high horsepower builds, and brought out Paul Walker’s E92 M3 Race Car to display along with others, to show some of what they can do.

ESS Tuning began supercharging BMWs in Norway over 15 years ago, and now also have a facility in the United States to provide the domestic market with their very popular systems. Widely regarded as the largest aftermarket BMW supercharging system manufacturer due to their mainly international customer base, ESS offers multiple staged kits to meet your boosted needs for 3, 5, 7, Z4, and M series BMWs.

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