The “Little” Blower That Could…Vortech’s V-28 123 takes Chris Alston Jr.’s ’64 Nova To Lower E.T’s With Higher Efficiency And Lower Discharge Air Temps…

By Chad Reynolds Posted 06/01/11

What’s it take for your 598 cubic inch 1964 Nova to run deep in the 6’s at over 212 mph? Apparently the answer is a Vortech V-28 123 supercharger. Chris Alston Jr.’s little Chevy officially became the first Vortech Supercharged car in the 6’s when he ran 6.719 at 212.56 at the Pacific Street Car Association race in Fontana May 20-22 and we’ve got video. We talked to Chris and asked him why he chose to run Vortech’s V-28 123 when it is much smaller than the ProCharger F3-135 that had been on the car. His response was interesting.

“Our car runs on alcohol, and we don’t have an intercooler. The Vortech is smaller, by 12 millimeters, but the air inlet temps were between 150 and 175 degrees cooler than with the bigger ProCharger.” The cooler temps clearly helped this bad boy make the power, and Chris told us it is no where near it’s full potential. After running 6.73 at 210 with the ProCharger, at a much better prepared Vegas track with air temps that were 35 degrees cooler, Chris didn’t think the Vortech would keep up since they set the car up with a soft tune to compensate for much worse track conditions. The team is very excited to keep pushing the “little” Vortech and are confident that 6.60s are in their future.

Vortech’s V-28 123 is designed to push 45 psi of boost into ultra high horsepower drag racing applications. Vortech attributes the cooler intake temps to their 83% efficiency with the V-28 which is better than any competitor’s offering. In this case, bigger isn’t necessarily better, and lower inlet temps, quicker boost curves, and a smaller overall package can be a great advantage.

Chris’ ’64 Nova features Alston’s own Chassisworks Drag Race Strut system which bolts on in place of the factory front suspension. It also has one of their Avenger Scalloped 4-Link suspension systems and Outlaw Chassis. The 598 cu. in. Brodix Big Block is built by CSM Racing Engines, supercharged by Vortech using a Component Drive System, and features a Lunati crank, BME rods, Comp Cam, Moran Injectors, T&D Rockers, RCD Gear Drive, Fast XFI, and Billet Fabrication sheet metal parts.

Below you can check out the video of the run at the PSCA race in Fontana, and also some photos of the car and parts that are in it.

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2 Responses to The “Little” Blower That Could…Vortech’s V-28 123 takes Chris Alston Jr.’s ’64 Nova To Lower E.T’s With Higher Efficiency And Lower Discharge Air Temps…

  1. Erica says:

    Now THAT was impressive!

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