Team Vortech Dominates 5 Classes At NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl…

Vortech supercharged racers dominated across the board at the NMRA/NMCA Superbowl in Joliet this past weekend.

Andy Manson (Xi-Trim) Wins Drag Radial

Andy Manson had a repeat victory in NMCA drag radial with a 7.721 @ 177.86 MPH over Jason lee in the semifinals. He sealed the win with a 7.744 @ 177.63 in the final round over Brad Medlock.

His best pass of the weekend was a 7.634 @ 183.84 MPH in qualifying round.

Andy’s weapon of choice is the V-24 Xi-Trim, the latest in Vortech’s series of record-setting, best-in-class superchargers. Out of all the blowers used in Drag Radial, the Xi-Trim operates at the highest efficiency (highest horsepower gain per pound of boost).

Bob Kurgan (Xi-Trim) Sets Yet Another Extreme Street Record
Bob Kurgan qualified #1 in Xtreme Street and set the record again with a 7.814 @ 178.35 MPH pass in qualifying. This is the fourth race in a row that Bob has been the #1 qualifier, and the third out of the last four races where he has bettered the “quickest pass” in Extreme Street history.

The ultra-high efficiency of the Xi-Trim supercharger allows Kurgan to make more horsepower and run faster ET’s than racers with other superchargers, without even spinning the blower to its maximum speed (he runs about 25 PSI). Racers with other types of blowers simply can’t make enough power to beat him, even with higher levels of boost pressure!

Dan Baumann (T-Trim) Wins Real Street, Runs Quickest Pass Ever
Dan Baumann won Real Street with a Vortech V-1 T-Trim supercharger. He made the quickest pass (in competition) in class history with a 9.189 @ 147.29 in the qualifying round.

The fact that the quickest pass ever in Real Street was powered by a T-Trim is no surprise. When you want race performance in a street supercharger, you have to choose Vortech.

Brian Mitchell (YSi-Trim) Wins EFI Renegade
Brian Mitchell took home the event win in EFI Renegade with an 8.477 @ 161.02 MPH in the Final Round. He also qualified for the weekend with the low ET and top speed (8.380 @ 162.02).

Mitchell has been using the V-7 YSi-Trim supercharger for more than 5 years now. It has boosted him to countless record-setting performances and event wins – even repeat season championships.

Most of the other racers in EFI Renegade also use the Vortech YSi-Trim, including the runner up, Alton Clements who qualified 2nd with a 8.474 @ 160.06; Bob Cook (8.533 @ 160.92); and Bart Tobner (8.707 @ 159.59).

The YSi-Trim supercharger is practically a requirement in EFI Renegade – there is simply no other compact blower that is engineered well enough to match its performance. It’s efficiency of 78% puts it far above anything else in its class.

Terry Reeves (V-7 JT-Trim) Runner Up and Top Speed in Super Stang
Vortech JT-Trim supercharged Terry “Beefcake” Reeves qualified with the top speed (138.80 MPH) and ran a 10.322 @ 136.26 MPH in the final round to finish as the runner up in Super Stang. His best ET of the weekend was a 10.248 in the semifinals. His 138.80MPH in qualifying turned out to be the top speed of the weekend in Super Stang.

Terry’s V-7 JT-Trim supercharger gives him a solid advantage over his competitors. It has an inducer diameter of only 3.486″ yet it can easily power a street rod to more than 1000HP with the right mods and tuning. At 75% efficiency, it has the capability to deliver more horsepower than any other blower the same size. That extra power is enough to make Terry faster than anyone else in the pack.

Maximum Power at the Boost Pressure of Your Choice
Anyone can make a really huge blower and dominate one or two classes by paying people to use it. Only Vortech can pack record-setting power into every single size of supercharger across the board, including compact, streetable superchargers like the V-1 T-Trim and V-7 YSi-Trim, all the way up to larger blowers like the V-24 Xi and V-28 123 used in classes like Extreme Street and Super Street Outlaw.

If you’re looking to get boosted to your maximum power potential for either the street or the dragstrip, take a closer look at your options. The best blower is the one that will give you the most horsepower at the boost pressure you choose, not one that forces you to use a higher boost pressure in order to compete.

Whether you’re building for 8 PSI, 12 PSI, 20 PSI, 30 PSI, or even 45 PSI, a Vortech supercharger has the power to outperform anything else in its class.

For details on the NMRA/NMCA Superbowl event, see the Full Class Elimination Results and Full Qualifying Results.

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