Vortech Superchargers At The SEMA Show 2011…

Another successful year for Vortech Superchargers and The Air Power Group, as evidenced by the fact that you couldn’t walk anywhere in the show without seeing a Vortech, Paxton, or Lysholm logo staring you right in the face! Take a look at some of the photos we got of the show, and be sure to send us any of your own!

The Air Power Group Booth – featuring some of the sickest cars at SEMA!The V-28 123 Supercharger is always an impressive sight, but made even more so by the Chris Alston’s Chassisworks Gear Drive attached to it. Serious drag racers, this is for you!Creations n’ Chrome rolled out yet another chrome masterpiece this year. As a follow-up to last years convertible “Pony Girl” chrome pink stunner, Cn’C dropped the chrome red coupe dubbed “Boy Racer”. Decked out for track time with it’s custom roll cage, Racepak cluster, track-ready suspension, and (of course) Vortech Supercharged boost under the hood! The car won an “Outstanding Achievement In design” award, to add to Cn’C’s quickly growing trophy collection. What we want to know is, what do they have planned for next year?This gorgeous bright blue drop top Camaro was built by our friends at Tjin Edition, and they never cease to impress us with their style and attention to detail. This convertible was showing off it’s V-3 Si-Trim intercooled system, custom roll cage, Extreme Dimensions body kit, Baer Brakes, and Forgestar Wheels and grabbed lots of attention.The Rockstar Energy 392 Challenger was a star of the show, helping Vortech debut the new 6.4L V-3 Si-Trim 392 SRT8 Supercharging System. Gathering crowds around the engine compartment for the entirety of the show, everyone was impressed by the design and layout of the new kit. Vortech’s next best seller perhaps?Forgiato Wheels built this widebody 5.0L Mustang on display in the Ford Booth. This Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharged & intercooled ‘Stang was looking custom & mean with its wide stance and smooth, sleek lines and body work.All you Hot Rodders and Street Rodders stand up and take notice – the new Small Block Chevy Carbureted Supercharging System for use with a March Performance serpentine drive conversion kit was also on display in the Vortech booth.Another new product from Vortech debuted at SEMA 2011 is the System for the 6.2L SVT Ford Raptor Truck. Featuring the V-3 Si-Trim Supercharger and the air/water Maxflow Power cooler, this new System should be available for purchase soon through your local Vortech Distributor.One of the surprises of the show for us was this insanely modified widebody G35. A long list of mods, huge wheels in the rear, and lots and lots of purple (even the compressor, ducting, and manifold!) set this boosted G apart from so many other cars at the show.We found this VF-Engineering Supercharged E92 M3 right outside some of the main doors of the show. The V-3 Si-Trim Supercharger and bright green cooler manifold certainly didn’t hurt its chances of drawing the crowds.BDS Suspension had this monster Jeep Supercharged with a RIPP Modifications Supercharging System climbing rocks in their booth in the offroad section of the South hall.Another massive surprise was the new 3.6L V6 Gen. 5 Camaro Supercharging System from IPF Superchargers. Having developed this entire system completely under the radar, no one saw it coming…but these guys are here now and they are for real! These complete systems feature the Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharger, front mount intercooler, ECU recalibration tuning, and is available in black or polished finishes. All you V6 Camaro guys out there – this is the system you have been asking for, and it is available now!Forgiato Wheels had their Vortech Supercharged white widebody Gen. 5 Camaro SS convertible outside in the Dub section.The “Last Ride” Mustang was built as a tribute to a local Southern California shop owner who was murdered last year on Christmas Eve. With all the modifications and Vortech Supercharged Boost under the hood, it turned out as a potent package to pay tribute with.We found James P’s Vortech Supercharged Gen. 5 Camaro SS looking sharp right outside the central hall.This “Scat Pack” 392 Challenger is one of only 10 that were built, and now it is wearing one of the new Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Systems that debuted at the SEMA show. This rare car has become even more rare! Apparently, several people at SEMA offered the owner large sums of money in attempts to persuade him to sell…but he turned them all down.The Oxnard, CA Police Department built this Vortech Supercharged S197 Mustang GT to coincide with their D.R.A.G.G. (Drag Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti) program. Their program has already had several graduates, and is looking to expand into organizing events in the future. Programs like this help to get the youth of today interested in cars & motorsports, and away from harmful things such as gangs and tagging are great, and Vortech & the other brands of the Air Power Group are proud to participate and give back to the community.JK-Adventure brought out this heavily modified RIPP Modifications Supercharged Jeep JK.Team Retaks brought out their LSX-powered, Vortech Supercharged Formula Drift S13.5 again this year for display.ESS Tuning is another very prominent BMW tuning Company, and this Supercharged E92 M3 was sitting right outside the main doors with several other great looking Bimmers.RIPP Modifications also brought out this Supercharged 5.7L HEMI Ram truck. If we don’t make a Supercharging system for your car or truck, chances are one of our 3rd party vendors do. Always be sure to ask Vortech first when considering supercharging your ride.We found both of these SRT8 HEMI Challengers out in the Dub area. Both were looking good with Vortech Superchargers under their hoods.The Anzo Lighting Jeep was climbing rocks and sporting a RIPP Modifications Supercharging System. These wildly popular kits from RIPP seemed like they were on every single high profile Jeep at the show. Congrats to RIPP Modifications for their great success.James P’s black convertible S197 was showing off Covercraft’s pieces in the Covercraft booth. Just like his Camaro, James’ GT sports some highly efficient Vortech boost under the hood. Thanks for bringing both cars out to the show James!

The rest of these cars were all Vortech Supercharged, but pulled a huge SEMA no-no by leaving their hoods closed. This isn’t the street races guys…this is SEMA. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SHOW OFF WHAT YOU’VE GOT UNDER THE HOOD WHEN YOU ARE HERE.

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