SEMA Spotlight: A New Challenger Appears…And It Happens To Be A Rockstar

From Street Legal TV:

Walking the floor at SEMA can be an unsettling experience. The first hour or two – or even longer if you don’t attend shows like this – will leave you wowed and wanting more. Nearly every inch of the massive multi-halled Las Vegas Convention Center is crammed to the gills with wildly expensive classic and modern muscle cars. It’s enough to make you look back at all the work you’ve poured into your own car and sneer.

But after a day or two, you become a little desensitized. If you hang around any longer, you’ll find yourself saying, “Oh look, another Shelby GT500. Boy, it’s not like I haven’t seen four of those already.”

Sure, there are those “stand out” cars that no matter how much you stare at it, or however many times you walk past it you just can’t get enough. But finding that, particularly with a late-model muscle car, is incredibly rare.

There were almost as many new Challengers on hand as new convertible Camaros and Mustangs reskinned to look like classic pony cars. The Challenger – despite its bottom of the trio performance and sales numbers – is still a stylistic champion, and has been the darling of customizers for several years since its first introduction.

So getting a new Challenger to look or act any differently from any previous is one tough gig…and that is why we’re so happy with Rockstar’s 2012 Challenger SRT8.

Built by LDRSHIP Designs out of Temecula, California, the modded 392 HEMI Challenger looks deceptively sedate, surprisingly all those who stop and take a closer look. LDRSHIP took “its all in the details” to the Nth degree, because this Mopar is swimming in little tricks and touches that kept us zooming in with our camera lens time and time again.

Starting life as a SRT8, the factory 470hp/470ft. lbs. of torque HEMI got a huge shot in the arm from Vortech Superchargers – where the Challenger was parked – in the form the company’s new High Output Air/Water Charge Cooled Supercharger System, boosting the Challenger closer to 600hp.

Inland Empire Drivelines provided a one-piece driveline as Ohio Gen pitched in a high performance alternator, Mishimoto supplied the high performance oil and water coolers, while JBA replaced the exhaust with some serious pipes.

KW Suspension race-grade coilovers and Brembo monoblock brakes improve the ride and handling, while giant DPE Engineering 20×9.5 and 20×11.5 three-piece rims were wrapped in Toyo rubber, totaling up to some serious rolling stock.

The body was equally as “plussed” with a Seibon carbon fiber hood, front valance and rear decklid. Inside, Stitchcraft completely revamped the interior in black-with-red stitching PECCA leather…and we mean everything. But, surprisingly enough, it wasn’t gaudy, which is kind of a regular thing with those energy drink-sponsored car builds. Sure, there’s all the giant “Rockstar” stars and logos all over the car, but this Challenger – for being a tire-smoking billboard – is actually really cool.

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