The Brands Of The Air Power Group At The Automotive Connection (Autocon) Show 2011…

It was a bright, sunny December day at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine, California when thousands of modified car fanatics came out to show off their rides, and to see what others brought along to show as well. Nearly every segment of the automotive aftermarket was represented, from modern American muscle cars, Import tuner cars, Europeans, classics, and even low riders. The Air Power Group was there to check out the action, and this is some of what we found.Scott W’s Chevy Camaro SS Convertible is running the Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharging System, which takes this already potent LS3 to over 625 horsepower at only 7psi!

Randy R’s amazing Vortech V-2 SCi-Trim Supercharged Infiniti G35

The Tjin Edition/Universal Technical Institute Mustang GT Convertible is sporting an additional 200+ horsepower from stock thank to the intercooled Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharging System lurking under the hood.
You could win this car!

The Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharged Tjin Edition Chevy Camaro SS. All this style and over 600 horsepower on tap makes for a potent combination!

Sweet Vortech/ESS Tuning Supercharged E9X M3 Sedan

Stitchcraft’s Lysholm 2.3L Twin-Screw Supercharged Camaro SS Convertible has some serious custom work to go along with the serious horsepower it makes!

This Vortech V-3 Supercharged Infiniti G35 was looking great – really clean on the outside, and really polished under the hood.

The Vortech Supercharged LDRSHIP Designs/Rockstar Energy 392 Challenger SRT8 was on display showin’ its stuff. The event organizers even brought it up onto the stage to show it off to the crowd!

This S2000 was sporting a Comptech Supercharging System, which features a Paxton NOVI Supercharger and Comptech air/water charge cooler.

The RIPP Modifications Supercharged Jeep JK featuring a Vortech V-3 supercharger from LDRSHIP Designs was climbin’ rocks in the parking lot.

Another exemplary Vortech Supercharged G35 at the show was this purple, polished up coupe.

Domokun Santa brought out his whole family, along with Hello Kitty.

Andrew’s Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharged Hot Wheels Camaro SS

Vortech/ESS Tuning Supercharged Heavy Hitters E9X M3 Sedan

Comptech Supercharged Honda S2000 with Paxton NOVI 1000 Supercharger

Chillin’ next to the Rockstar Challenger was this blacked out Camaro SS from LDRSHIP Designs. Utilizing the Paxton NOVI 1200 Supercharging System under the hood and making over 625 horsepower, this Camaro is a bit of a Rockstar itself.

A huge thanks to Tjin Edition, Universal Technical Institute, and DaYUUM! for coming out and helping to man the booths, and to the organizers of Autocon for a great show.

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