Unstoppable Power, Reliability, And Speed With VF Engineering’s E9X Supercharging System For Your M3…

VF-Engineering Starts With Their Name – Engineering.
VF have engineered this kit for the amazing E9X M3 from A-to-Z, allowing you to supercharge your bad-ass Bavarian to performance levels you never imagined, and we mean never… VF spent the past several years and considerable internal cost to bring ECU tuning in-house for their BMW supercharger kits, ensuring that they control quality and performance 100%. VFs newly enhanced tuning, always high quality parts, and the Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger make for a wild combination of obscene speed and reliable performance.
Maintaining The Original BMW Smoothness And Reliability Were Huge Key Factors In The VF Design.
VF has harnessed the consistent, linear boost delivery of the Vortech Centrifugal Series of Superchargers to create the ultimate supercharging system for the ultimate driver’s car…The E9X M3 maintains a very good record for reliability despite being such a high performance car, and this was an essential quality to maintain with the VF kits.
In late 2008, VF purchased a new model M3 and chose to create a complete aftercooled supercharger kit. This is no small task; this kit has to work on a customer’s brand new $60K+ automobile with reliability and factory-like drivability to match.Much Effort Was Placed On Precise Development And Quality
After much success on the E46 M3, completely retooling the system to be one of the most capable on the market, the E9X become the focus of VF Engineering’s goal: becoming the dominant force in the BMW supercharger world. A production aluminum intake manifold with integrated air-to-water charge cooler was custom developed for greater performance and clean looks under the hood. Compared to similar air-to-air systems, air-to-water charge coolers are a more expensive option, but are also more effective in their operation. Not only by harnessing the added heat dissipating potential of water, but also requiring none of the lengthy ducting and being far less dependent on ambient outside air temperature for its potential cooling ability. Often used in European Rally cars, air/water cooling is the ultimate in charge cooling technology for on and off the race track. Nothing less would do for such a car, and VF includes this as part of their kit at no additional cost to you. The prototype Supercharging Systems were run on 2 different VF test-mules, including the infamous fighter-jet themed VF widebody car that saw thousands and thousands of miles of cross country driving with no issues, even under abusive driving on the factory DCT transmission!
The point? Your M3 continues to drive and feel like an “M Car” due to excellent throttle response and a cool intake charge. Much more power is on tap with exceptional reliability- all this is crucial to keep the M3’s excellent inherent qualities intact.

To date, the VF620 kit is the world record holder at 10.6 seconds quarter mile time on 93 pump gas with no methanol! (Achieved on DOT approved 10.5″ tires on VAC Motorsports’ project E92 M3 test car.)This record setting time beats out their own prior world record of 11.1@126.9 set on November 26th of this year.

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