Vortech Releases Small Block Chevrolet Cog Drive Tuner Kits…

Looking to go to the extreme with your Small Block Chevy engine? Is 700 horsepower not nearly enough to quench your need for speed? Do you love the sound that only a cog drive can provide? Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then the new Small Block Chevy Cog Drive Tuner Kit from Vortech may be just what you are looking for.

This system comes ready to make big power with the 1,200+ horsepower capable V-7 YSi-Trim supercharger, ultra-stout twin-plate supercharger mounting configuration with billet aluminum manual belt tensioner and all necessary hardware, and of course the 50mm cog style belt drive. Included drive spacing options are compatible with both v-belt and serpentine style accessory configurations.

4GP218-060YSI Satin Finish SBC Cog Drive Tuner Kit $3,799.95
4GP218-068YSI Polished Finish SBC Drive Tuner Kit $3,999.95

*** This is a “universal” Tuner Kit designed for vehicles equipped with a carbureted small block Chevrolet engine. System requires the installer to supply a carburetor enclosure or carburetor hat (see options below), a high volume fuel pump and properly jetted carburetor unit (with mechanical secondaries). Horsepower gain of 30-75%+ depending on boost levels and engine volumetric efficiency. Installation time is estimated at 4-10 hours depending on application.
***System designed to work on engines equipped with a “long” water pump and OEM v-belt drives or serpentine accessory drives (OEM TPI/TBI applications, 1990-1995 and GM Performance Parts accessory drive system #’s 12497697, 12497698 and 12497869). For correct belt alignment, the proper accessory drive crank pulley and accessory bracketry must be used, and are not included or supplied in this kit. Engines equipped with a “short” water pump will require a long water pump to be installed.
***This system can be used on engines with and without power steering. Most OEM serpentine Saginaw type power steering pumps can be attached to the Vortech mounting bracket using the supplied hardware in the kit. For engines equipped with v-belt power steering and accessory drives, a Saginaw style pump will be required as well as an optional Vortech power steering pulley assembly (part #4GP110-051). This assembly includes all required hardware, tensioner assembly and anodized billet aluminum pulley. Depending on the vehicle, power steering lines may require fabrication.

Additional required components to be supplied by the installer
– Carburetor enclosure or bonnet (see below for options from Vortech)
– Quickfuel, Demon or Holley 4150-type 4 barrel carburetor with mechanical secondaries (may require re-jetting/minor modification). Recommended carburetor for most :blow-through” applications using hat/bonnet: Quickfuel p/n Q-750-BAN
– Discharge ducting connecting the supercharger discharge to customer supplied carburetor enclosure/bonnet
– High performance, boost referenced fuel pump
– Compressor bypass valve (see below for options from Vortech)
– Accessory belts (will vary per application depending on accessory configuration and supercharger pulley diameters)

Optional components
– Power steering pulley and hardware assembly, as described above (v-belt applications only) Vortech p/n 4GP110-051
– Supercharger Drive options include multiple crank pulley and supercharger pulley options, as well as replacement belts.
> Crank Pulley: 4MA018-075, 4MA018-080 (75 and 80 tooth)
> Supercharger Pulley: 2A032-028, 2A032-030, 2A032-034 (use 8R101-007 s/c pulley retainer assembly)
> Replacement drive belt: 2A042-151 (50mm wide Gates PowerGrip GT2)
– Carburetor enclosure/bonnet
> Cast aluminum carburetor enclosure assembly (use with 4150 Holley or Demon Carburetor)
>>> Enclosure features front and rear -8 fuel inlet ports as well as multiple locations for pressure/vacuum connections. Linkage arms, splined shaft, and left/right hand spherical rod ends are included for simple throttle connection and adjustment.
>>>>> Vortech #8M205-012 Satin Finish
>>>>> Vortech #8M205-018 Polished Finish
>>>>> Vortech #8M110-020 Holley 4150 series SS fuel line/fitting kit (w/dual metering blocks)
>>>>> Vortech #8M110-030 Demon series SS fuel line/fitting kit
– Compressor Bypass Valve (suggested for all applications exceeding 5psi boost. Below is a selection of components available from Vortech. Contact Vortech technical department to determine the proper valve selection for the specific application)
> Vortech #8D204-001 Race Bypass Valve, Satin/Blue
> Vortech #8D204-003 Race Bypass Valve, Polished/Blue
> Vortech #8D204-006 Race Bypass Valve, Polished/Black
> Vortech #8D204-008 Race Bypass Valve, All Polished
> Vortech #8D204-010 Race Bypass Valve, Satin/Black
> Vortech #8D004-051 Race Bypass weld-on flange (Steel)
> Vortech #8D004-052 Race Bypass weld-on flange (Aluminum)
> Vortech #8D103-001 Mondo Bypass Valve, Satin
> Vortech #8D103-008 Mondo Bypass Valve, Polished
> Vortech #8D003-051 Mondo Bypass weld-on flange (Steel)
> Vortech #8D003-052 Mondo Bypass weld-on flange (Aluminum)
> Vortech #8D205-003 BV57 Bypass Valve, Clear Anodized
> Vortech #8D205-008 BV57 Bypass Valve, Polished
– Aftermarket ignition amplifier (not required, but recommended)
> MSD 6A ignition amplifier box or equivalent

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