Brian Mitchell Takes Aim at Renegade Title Defense…

From NMRA Digital:

The four-time Blow-By Racing Renegade champion, Brian Mitchell, is going with the plan of don’t mess with success. He is making minor changes to his championship winning ride, which consists of a Brodix-headed 310ci engine that gets pumped up by a Vortech YSi-trim supercharger system. He has run a career best of 8.29 at 162 mph. Mitchell says he is looking to improve on his insane 1.18 sixty-foot time and further refine his stout supercharged combination. To that end, the Wizard car was dropped off at Kooks Custom Headers for a new set of long-tube headers and exhaust system. The exact size of the primary tubes wasn’t exposed but Mitchell did say the headers were huge. Mitchell is also making the move to a set of cog pulleys and belt but doesn’t want to make the swap until the second race.

This past winter the Renegade category shed its EFI moniker as carburetor induction is allowed in for the nitrous-equipped entries. Last year the supercharged camp was allowed to ditch the 8-rib pulley drive systems and go with a more efficient and nearly maintenance-free cog-belt system. Another big change for 2012 has been the allowance of mini-tubs and relocating coil-over rear shocks—opening it up to rolling chassis’s that were originally designed for Super Street Outlaw and Drag Radial classes.

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