Green Hulk Tests The New Vortech V-50 Supercharger For Personal Watercraft…

Text by Jerry Gaddis
From – The PWC Performance Forum:

Here it is guys, the new billet water cooled Vortech V-50 Supercharger. It’s a gear driven supercharger just like the stock supercharger it replaces. There is no axillary friction clutch in this supercharger, because it uses a special shaft Vortech engineered shaft and high speed ceramic bearing. The housing is water cooled to keep temps down to a minimum.

This supercharger will come in several boost levels. For now I’m starting with the smaller impeller. My plan is to develop V-Tech mapping for this small impeller for the stock ECU and 1000cc injectors. I will then step up to the middle impeller, develop a map for that and then step up to the highest boost impeller to complete mapping for that one. Once this is all said and done I’ll be able to offer V-Tech mapping for your stock ECU for whichever trim level you choose to go with on this supercharger. Pricing is not finalized, but I can tell you that they will be less than the cost of a new OEM replacement supercharger which is $3000. I highly recommend that ANYONE running this Vortech billet supercharger to also be running the Riva dampener.

Boost will depend on RPM’s. I plan to get boost numbers on all three superchargers at 8600 RPM and I’ll share the results here. This ski that I’m using for development still has stock internals so I’m not going to be able to get boost numbers at 9000 RPM.

Okay we got the billet Vortech supercharger installed and went for a quick ride. As expected the ski is instantly on the limiter which is set at 8700 rpm. Boost at just under the limiter was 19 psi and the ski was way lean in the high 13’s so we couldn’t hold it that long. The GPS read 86.0 mph when I got back to the dock. Keep in mind this is the small version of the Vortech supercharger.

There is loads of cavitation on hole shot now where there was none before. This supercharger is making some huge power. Keep in mind this was the “small” impeller, it tops out around 18 psi at 8600 rpm. The “middle” one will fall around 22 psi at 8600, I’ll know soon. There will also be an even larger version that will put out 24 plus.

After all the testing, I’m very impressed!

Be sure to keep checking in with Jerry & the crew from Green Hulk for additional information as they test the higher boost options, and see what the new Vortech V-50 can really do!

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