Jannetty Racing Builds A Fully Streetable, 1,200 Horsepower Vortech Supercharged Transformer Camaro…

1,017 RWHP 883 RWTQ Jannetty Racing Transformer Camaro Build

This bright yellow rocketship was built by the mad scientists at Jannetty Racing in Waterbury, CT. 2010 Transformer Edition Camaro owner Ray says his 1,200 crank horsepower beast is “100% streetable, in fact it is so streetable I drive it 100 miles (roundtrip) to Jannetty just for an oil change. It still has air conditioning heated seats, stereo, power windows, and all the factory options work! Even with it being a 1,200 horsepower engine, I can still drive it anywhere. However, I am a mental case because I drive it with slicks in the rear and the electric exhaust cutouts open all the time. I haven’t gotten any tickets…yet.”

Current Mods
427 Cubic Inch Engine Built by Jannetty Racing Engines
JRE Magnum Custom Blower Cam Package
RHS Aluminum Block
Carrillo Rods
Lunati Crank
LSX 6 Bolt Heads with Cometic Gaskets.
Fast Intake Manifold
Vortech YSi-Trim Tuner Kit
Vortech Cog Drive Upgrade
JRE Vortech Upgrade Package
JRE Custom Return style Fuel system Triple fuel pumps with Triple MSD FPVB.
ID-1000 injectors
Stainless Works 2″ Headers w/OffRoad Pipes
Magnaflow 3″ Exhaust w/JRE Mod.
ZR1 Clutch Kit
RPM Level 6 Transmission
DSS 9″ Package w/4.10 Gears
BeCool Radiator
Bogart Wheels
Pfadt Control Arms & Toe Links
BMR Front Springs (for the Raked look)
QTP Electric Cutouts
Driveshaft Loop
JRE Custom Dyno Tune to bring it all together.

Ray says “I love my Vortech. Without it, it would be just another Camaro.”

The Results: 1,017 RWHP 883 RWTQ. That’s 1,200 horse at the crank.

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4 Responses to Jannetty Racing Builds A Fully Streetable, 1,200 Horsepower Vortech Supercharged Transformer Camaro…

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  2. mr says:

    thats pure evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mr says:

    i want to drive it

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