IPF Tuning V6 Camaro Supercharging System Now Available…

IPF Tuning Brings Big Power to Small Engines
Supercharging the GM V6 engines found in the new Camaro (2010-2012)

Tempe, AZ – IPF Tuning, releases its second iteration of the Camaro V6 Supercharger Kit specifically designed for the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro V6 equipped with the new LFX engine code and new Delco ECU.

IPF Tuning released its first Supercharger power enhancement system for the 2010-11 Camaro with the V6 engine at last year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV to anxious enthusiasts looking to add more power to the more popular 3.6L DFI V6 Camaro. With the IPF-Supercharger system installed, the power is increased from 305 HP (stock) to 440 HP (supercharged) without sacrificing the already impressive fuel economy, reliability and while utilizing pump 91 octane fuel.

With the introduction of the newly redesigned “LFX” V6 engine from GM in 2012, IPF was determined to make sure the latest model Camaro could be equipped with a similar supercharger system as its predecessor, the 2010-2011 “LLT” V6 Camaro.

The IPF Tuning “Bolt-On” supercharger system adds over 120+ HP to both the “LLT” and “LFX” engine code 2010-2012 V6 Camaro’s by utilizing meticulously engineered components, precisely tuned ECU software and incorporating the latest generation Vortech Engineering V3 centrifugal supercharger.

About The IPF Supercharger System

The IPF Supercharger System is designed to easily install without any adverse impact to the vehicle, while maximizing performance of the Camaros V6 engine. Complete supercharger systems are available mail order direct or through our network of authorized dealers comprised of GM dealerships and qualified tuner shops throughout the world.

The IPF Supercharger can also be purchased with our unmatched supplemental powertrain warranty, which protects your investment. The IPF tuning complete supercharger system is the only one of its kind in the market and offers both unparalleled performance and a piece of mind.

Matt Green, Accessory Manager for Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix AZ, states “Most tuners neglect the 6 cylinder market leaving an incredible and affordable sports car without many of the power increases that the V8 vehicles have available. IPF Tuning solves this problem and finally a V6 customer can enjoy V8 power while maintaining great fuel economy.”

He continues stating, “additionally, with the optional class leading powertrain warranty, it provides customers instant confidence in the product with piece of mind that they can enjoy the additional performance with little to no risk.

The IPF Supercharger is the latest product to be released from the company. Todd Zuccone, head supercharger system designer and ECU tuning partner states “the key to making power on the V6 platform, especially the 2012 model, is properly designed hardware as well as a precisely tuned ECU calibration. With the help of our GM software tuning partner, Arno Schindler (EDS-Motorsport) in Germany, we have a hardware and software system that is second to none.” Zuccone further states, “we invested countless man hours designing the hardware and tuning the ECU which resulted in an optimal combination of maximized power, drivability and most important, reliability. Our design team incorporated the same painstaking attention to detail and design practices as it does to create products for Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and other exotic vehicles we build products for. From CAD engineered components, virtual flow simulation, rapid prototyping to real world testing and ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.”

Supercharger Details and Pricing

The Complete IPF Supercharger System consists of the following major components:

• CAD Engineered / CNC machined 6061 aluminum supercharger mounting system

• All major CNC machined components are anodized black for an OEM appearance

• Vortech V-3 self-lubricated centrifugal supercharger – Black Color

• Comprehensive installation manual

• Optional powertrain warranty available

• IPF Tuning OBD port ECU flash – Model specific supercharger software calibration

Price: $5,695.00 + installation.
(Typical installation time runs ~ 8-10 hours)

About IPF Tuning

Founded in 2011, IPF Tuning (www.IPF-Tuning.com) is the brainchild of veteran performance and tuning minds Todd Zuccone, Arno Schindler and Jason Plotke. IPF-Tuning offers tuning products for all late model GM vehicles, from the popular V8 powertrains, but more importantly, to the newer 4 and 6 cylinder engines which increases an engines performance and/or fuel economy by fine tuning the existing software inside a vehicle’s ECU. In addition, IPF has further developed forced induction products for the GM 6 cylinder direct injection engines. The IPF technology is a derivative of German tuning partner Arno Schindler and EDS Motorsports with an over 2-decade legacy.

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22 Responses to IPF Tuning V6 Camaro Supercharging System Now Available…

  1. Haywire aka GlennD says:

    This is freaking unbeliveable, the part I don’t like is paying more for the 91 octane.

  2. Richard bejarano says:

    AWESOME!! Very impressed with the HP GAINS!! And Also read somewhere that financing is available! Working on getting mine juiced up.

  3. Steve says:

    It’s about time for the little guy to rear his head . Where do I get one and who does the instalation?

  4. jeff harden says:

    im very interested in the ipf supercharger for my 2012 chevy 6 cly. camero…who do i contact about purchasing and price??

  5. Hunter says:

    Any way that us Active Duty Military
    folk get the appreciation discount?

  6. John Standart says:

    Do you have supercharger kits for the 2014 Camaro LS?

  7. Peter says:

    This system is by far the most mature kit available for LLT V6 owners ! It delivers the horse power with OEM quality parts. I’m up to 20K miles in one year runing this system with no problems. Arno is the best at tuning these cars !

  8. Tonja Helm says:

    Love love love! however, how do you empty the damn oil catch can / crank case breather system.??? I just got mine and have not even put 100 miles on it, (Winter Storage, don’t judge! lol )and it appears to be mysteriously full, used to have a RX catch can system and that was a pc of cake to empty this one has me stumped. Please someone help this poor Camaro Gal out!!!

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  10. Lesley Myrick says:

    Ive have an 08 pontiac torrent GXP 3.6 FWD And im really interested in trying to get this kind of performance out of it. Hell id be happy with 300 to 350 HP. Id love to have a sports car like this but being a disabled vet with limited funds kind of puts a dent and a few bumps in the road. Also i have a little boy that turns 2 this july and we use the torrent as a family car slash grocery gitter but in style. So a sports car is a bit out of reach and not to functional for a family. So thats where the GXP torrent came in. Good power delivery sporty and it acomadates our family well and i still get the performance i want. Just want a little more is all. Well I appreciate your time guys and keep up the great work. Sincerely lesley myrick.

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  14. Jorge Avelar says:

    Where can I buy one of these or who can I contact.. Also heard there was financing available I would like to learn more about this product thanks

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