Vortech Vs. Edelbrock – Creations n’ Chrome Independent Blower Comparison Test On A Stock 5.0L Mustang GT…

Gary Watson and his shop Creations n’ Chrome in Valencia, Ca like to make sure their customers are satisfied after they work on their car. So, when a customer was 100% sure he wanted an Edelbrock Supercharger, and then turned out to be disappointed with the kit, Cn’C went on to find out why. After taking him for a ride in Cn’C’s own Ford Design Award-Winning & Vortech Supercharged “Boy Racer” Mustang, their customer (who preferred to remain off camera) was much more impressed with the response and the power from the Vortech V-3 Si System, and decided to pull off the Edelbrock and put the same V-3 Si System on his 2011 5.0. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Watson and fabricator/dyno operator Chris Matye set about putting both systems through their paces to see why and where (specifically) the Edelbrock and Vortech out-of-the-box systems differ, where they shine, and where they fall short.

Check out the video footage:
As it turns out, the Vortech shines pretty much everywhere, making more power AND more torque throughout much of the power band. The Cn’C boys didn’t stop there either. Wanting to put each unit through a full array of tests, they also tested the car naturally aspirated, and did both cold and heat soaked runs to compare losses. During heat soaked testing runs, the Vortech shined even brighter, exhibiting heat soak losses of only 4.62 horsepower, compared to the 22.47 horsepower drop from the Edelbrock. Now Gary & crew have a very happy customer, and the rest of us can benefit from the knowledge gained through their thorough Dyno testing process. With definitive results like these, and with a price tag starting nearly $1,000 lower…Vortech is clearly the superior choice for your 5.0L Mustang!

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One Response to Vortech Vs. Edelbrock – Creations n’ Chrome Independent Blower Comparison Test On A Stock 5.0L Mustang GT…

  1. Brad says:

    Prime example of an undersized intercooling system

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