Dustin Farthing – The Monster Energy Interview

Monster Energy interview: Rippin’ Personal Watercraft racer Dustin Farthing

Monster Energy’s Dustin Farthing is on a tear as of late, opening the International Jet Sports Boating Association’s (IJSBA) competition season by sweeping all six motos at the series’ first two stops, taking a commanding lead early in the season as he pursues an incredible 11th national championship. Back with Factory Yamaha PWC after a nine year absence, Farthing started his offshore and close course racing events in 1992. Since then he’s amassed titles all over the world and and has already been named to the IJSBA Hall of Fame! But that’s a ways off here for the reigning UWP-IJSBA National Pro Runabout Champion. Farthing is easily the fastest man in the world in his class right now, and digging his return to the Yamaha team and its Vortech Supercharged FX SHO® and FZR® boats. We caught up with Dustin after his big three-moto sweep this past weekend in Georgia, got his take on the 2012 season thus far and hit him with a few more questions that we though you guys would find interesting.

Monster Energy: Hey, you’re off to a great start in the Pro Runabout Open class on the IJSBA National Championship Tour. Talk about what went on during the off season that led up to such an excellent start.

Dustin Farthing: We had a silly season this winter. I made a huge move to Yamaha and it was my best decision in years.

Monster Energy: Much like pro motocross, a lot of things come into play when the best guys in the world line up to race the world’s fastest personal watercraft. You’re six-for-six in motos this year…what things have allowed for you to be so dominant thus far?

Dustin Farthing: I have been lucky enough to have great sponsors and great mechanics that put me on the best equipment. My new Yamaha makes my life easier.

Monster Energy: For those MonsterEnergy.com readers not familiar with the IJSBA (International Jet Sports Boating Association), explain how the series works and the competitors it draws from all over the world.

Dustin Farthing: We have a Pro National Tour that consists of eight rounds all over the United States. You can find the schedule at http://www.uwpinc.com. Then we have our World Championship race in October in Lake Havasu (Ariz.). We also have select international races throughout the world in places like Thailand, Guadeloupe and Australia.

Monster Energy: A lot of MonsterEnergy.com’ers have at one time or another ridden some sort of PWC, be it a buddies, a rental or maybe one they own. Take a second and breakdown the difference between the Yamaha PWC you race and say something you might rent at the beach.

Dustin Farthing: A rental ski would run approximately 55 mph and go 0-60 mph in five seconds. My race ski will go 85 mph and go 0-60 in 2.1 seconds.

Monster Energy: Whoa. That’ll blow your Oakleys off! Say, even though you’re not landing on packed dirt or pavement, a wreck on a race PWC can be pretty intense. Take us through a crash at speed on a PWC and what it feels like, what goes through your head and what are some of the best ways to protect yourself.

Dustin Farthing: Hitting the water at 85 mph hurts as bad as any motocross crash I’ve ever had. The water is all good when you are skimming on top and then it happens. Your visor on helmet, leg or arms catches in water and it will rip you around faster than you know what happened.

Monster Energy: Back to the IJSBA tour – and not to jinx you or anything – but has anybody ever swept an entire season – each moto of each race – like Monster Energy’s Ricky Carmichael did at the MX Nationals in 2002 and 2004. And (depending on your answer) what has to come together for a racer in order to accomplish this undefeated feat?

Dustin Farthing: No one has ever swept every moto all year. I have been close many times in the past. It takes everything going right each weekend. I think if we do not have any technical problems it could happen.

Monster Energy: When you’re not in the water what other sports do you participate in? Also, do you have a particular ‘claim to fame’ in another form of racing (ex., qualifying for Loretta’s on a dirt bike)?

Dustin Farthing: I race motocross, snowboard, wakeboard. I also try to run the strip club tour around the world as much as possible (laughter). I won Loretta’s as a kid in the mid 80s, but haven’t been in years.

Monster Energy: OK, so that was kind of a setup question. You’d been groomed to be a pro motocross racer as a kid, racing the Pee-Wee class through age 14 when your dad bought you a jet ski. Then everything changed. Talk about that transformation from dirt to water.

Dustin Farthing: I was heavy into moto as a kid through the 80s and early 90s and then moto kind of went through a slower period. I kinda was burned out and took some time off. My dad had a shop and a guy came in and traded in a jet ski. We went to ride it and I loved it. I went and watched a couple of the Budweiser Pro Tour races in 1992 and I was hooked. In 1992 I started racing and in 1993 got a sponsorship by Yamaha.

Monster Energy: Do you still get out and turn laps on your dirt bike?

Dustin Farthing: Yes. I try and ride as much as possible in the winter time with my best friend Ryan Hardwick. We own a Motorcycle and Watercraft dealership called Mountain Motorsports in Atlanta. We are very lucky to be able to get out and enjoy what we do for a living.

Monster Energy: Right on. Last question: What’s the furthest or ‘Farthingest’ you’ve ever flown on a PWC?

Dustin Farthing: I have ridden in some of the biggest surf in the world in Australia and Guadeloupe, jumping waves 20+ feet. I would say there has been heights of the moon and as long as a cruise ship. At least that’s what I tell myself!

Catch Dustin Farthing on Twitter: @DustinFarthing and catch him on his Vortech V-50 Supercharged Yamaha taking out the competition on the IJSBA tour!

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