Vortech’s V-50 Supercharger – The New Standard In Personal Watercraft Boost…

The Personal Watercraft world is unique from many other performance-based industries in the way that it is solely based around the principle of going fast and having fun. You aren’t likely to see anyone in a suit and tie commuting to work on a supercharged PWC. What you will see is people with smiles glued to their faces as they fly across the water for hours on end, and several competitive race series’ held all across the world. The Personal Watercraft puts fast & fun together…and who doesn’t want more of both? The Vortech V-50-B60 Supercharger upgrade for the Yamaha FZ and SHO takes fast and fun and straps a rocket to its back!

The Vortech V-50-B60 Supercharger is born from a long heritage of reliable PWC championship winning superchargers. In fact, Vortech Superchargers have racked up 7 IJSBA Pro-Runabout World Championships so far. The new V-50-B60 bolts into the same location as the stock Yamaha Supercharger, and produces up to 24psi. That is 16psi more than stock, and because of Vortech’s superior design and higher efficiency, is easier on the stock clutch than any other supercharger on the market for this application.

Dustin Farthing blasting to the front of the IJSBA Pro-Runabout pack on his Vortech Supercharged Yahama

Features of the new V-50-B60 Supercharger features include:
– Dynamically balanced, forged billet aluminum impeller wheel with 5-axis machining
– Water-cooled, billet aluminum shaft housing
– Low friction, high-speed ceramic hybrid ball bearings (not bushings)
– OEM-type supercharger mounting interface
– Corrosion resistant black anodized exterior finish

Inlet hose flange diameter    – 3.00″
Outlet hose flange diameter – 2.50″
Volute inducer diameter       – 2.42″
*Max pressure                        – 24PSIG
*Max flow                                – 750CFM
*Max RPM                              – 80,000

Part Number: 2J118-010

Note: Installation of this product may require aftermarket charge-air cooler and/or ECU and fuel system modifications.

*= Maximum flow and boost values shown based on a minimum compressor efficiency of 60%. The “maximum” values may be exceeded; however, the operating points may drop below 60% efficiency. Vortech considers this to be below the useful range of the compressor.

Vortech Personal Watercraft products are available through Dealers such as Riva Racing, Green Hulk, Rude Performance, and more!

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