The Vortech V-24 XB-105 Supercharger

In Vortech’s continuing endeavor to offer the most technologically advanced Superchargers with the highest possible efficiency, we are proud to offer the V-24 XB-105 Supercharger. In the very first event running the new Vortech V-24 XB-105 Supercharger in Extreme Street, racer Bob “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Kurgan grabbed the #1 qualifier spot with a new class record run of 7.76 @ 181.5 mph. He also went on to win the event, being the only car to run in the 7′s on elimination day. The XB-105 has so far exceeded the output of other blowers its size that it has been outlawed in several racing classes for being “too powerful”. Too powerful? Sounds like we are doing something right…

V-24 XB-105 Specifications
Internal Gear Step-Up Ratio:                                       4.21:1
Inlet Hose Flange Diameter:                                         5.00″
Outlet Hose Flange Diameter:                                      3.50″
Volute Inducer Diameter:                                             4.20″
Efficiency:                                                                        75%
*Maximum Pressure:                                                    35 PSIG
*Maximum Flow:                                                           2,900 CFM
*Maximum Impeller Speed:                                         69,000 RPM

Part Numbers:
2G348-150  Satin Finish, Clockwise Rotation
2G348-158  Polished Finish, Clockwise Rotation

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