Vortech Superchargers At Autocon LA 2012…

Randy R. from R-Rydes has just about the most recognizable G35 out there, and it never fails to impress with all of the attention to detail, clean mods, and that gorgeous polished engine compartment complete with Vortech V-2 Supercharging System.
Sal V’s Vortech V-3 Supercharged “Last Ride” Chicane Tribute 5.0L Mustang GT drew lots of attention from all sorts of people at the show, including several models who insisted on taking pics with the car.
Gene T’s blued-out & Lysholm 2300AX Supercharged Camaro SS was sitting low in Tte Vortech/UTI/Dayuum! Booth. Is blued-out even a word? Now it is!
Michael D’s IPF/Vortech Supercharged V6 Camaro looking great in the Whiteline Booth. If you’ve got a V6 Camaro, you should definitely check out IPF-Tuning for the boost you’ve been missing!
Ashton S’s Grabber Blue Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged 2012 5.0L Mustang GT was looking ready to race in the Whiteline Booth.

The Rockstar Garage was out in force, displaying all sorts of boosted cars, including this Vortech Supercharged 6.4L 392 HEMI SRT8 Challenger.
Vivek B’s Boosted, Bagged, & Beautiful Vortech V-2 Supercharged G35 Sedan In The Team Outcast/Baus Auto Booth. Check out this car (pre-wrap) in our “Hitting The Streets Part 2” video!
The Rockstar Garage/Mishimoto Stillen/Vortech V-3 Supercharged Nissan 370Z. Got a 3.7L VQ Engine in need of some boost? Stillen has you covered.
It was Gary S’s first show with the guys from R-Rydes, and his Camaro SS was looking good. His Lysholm 2300AX Supercharged LS3 is tricked out and making some great power.
VF Engineering/Vortech Supercharged E90 BMW. VF Engineering has the solution to many of your BMW & VW Supercharger needs.
Rockstar Garage had their RIPP Mods/Vortech Supercharged Jeep on display, bringing some lifted & offroad to this otherwise dropped & stanced event. RIPP Superchargers are the go-to guys for supercharging your Jeep JK or Dodge RAM, using the best compressors in the business – Vortech, naturally.
We also found Reid’s A&A Corvette Supercharged C5 Corvette in the Whiteline Booth. Sporting a Vortech V-7 YSi compressor under the hood and an 800+RWHP dyno chart in the window, this is one bad ride!
The blacked out & Paxton NOVI 1200 Supercharged Camaro SS from Rockstar Garage was right in front of the main Rockstar tent. Grab an energy drink and check out some boost!

Soon my friends…soon.

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