Vortech Now Including “InTune” Handhelds In DiabloSport Tuned Systems…

All Vortech Supercharging Systems that currently include a DiabloSport Predator programmer, will soon be replaced by the DiabloSport inTune. The DiabloSport inTune programmer is the all new successor for the Predator handheld tuner that you’ve come to know and love. The long tour of the Predator tuner was an excellent one, but it has finally reached its home stretch making way for the DiabloSport inTune. The DiabloSport inTune has all of the famous preloaded tunes and available adjustments as the Predator, in a smaller, more advanced, and easier-to-use device!

DiabloSport inTune delivers an enhanced user experience with easy-to-understand menus controlled through a color touch screen, automatic USB updates via the internet (with no cable kits to buy!), and broad range of vehicle support coupled with a host of vehicle specific features, all at an incredibly affordable price. It’s like no other flash tuning device available, offering all of the functions users want, and fits in your pocket!

Features of the inTune include:
– Full Color Touch Screen
– One Part Number for all Applications
– Free Automatic Online Updates with PC
– Free Download for Drag & Drop Update with Mac
– USB Update Cable Included
– 30 minute Data logging time
– Custom Tuning Compatible
– Diagnostic Code Reader
– Input for added external sensor

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