Tuner Kits For Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ Now Available…

Vortech Supercharging System for 2013 FR-S/BRZ

The heritage of the lightweight front engine, rear drive 86 is new and alive once more with the birth of the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. But when an already fun drive gets a bonus shot of boost added to it…the fun to drive car becomes something even more. Vortech’s new air-to-air charge cooled Supercharging System for the FR-S & BRZ will reintroduce you to that smile you’ve been missing. Utilizing a specially designed V-3 supercharger, billet aluminum bracketry, and an OEM fit and finish you’ll have to see to believe. Bolt on a quick 9PSI and feel your mood change and your spirit lift. Safe, reliable, easy to install, and ready when you are.

4TF218-114L FT86 Tuner Kit

System Features
• Internally lubricated V-3 H67B compressor with 3.48″ drive pulley and helical gear configuration
– 5-Axis CNC machined billet impeller
– Manifold boost pressure 9PSI @ redline on stock engine
• Black anodized billet aluminum supercharger mounting plate and bracketry
– Includes all necessary idlers, hardware, and precision machined spacers
– Maintains full function of all OEM accessories
• High-Flow air inlet assembly
– Roto-molded supercharger air box mates with OEM fresh-air duct
– Quick release fasteners allow for easy access to reusable conical air filter
• Advanced air discharge components
– Large air-to-air charge cooler core measures 20″L x 7.8″T x 3.5″D
– Mandrel bent 2 1/2″ and 3″ aluminum charge tubes for high flow and minimal weight
– Integrated MAF housing configured for “blow-through” use.
– Compressor bypass valve with filter
• Replacement windshield washer reservoir assembly

Vortech Supercharging System for 2013 FR-S/BRZ

4TF218-114L Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Tuner Kit, Black Finish

Misc. Notes
• Tuner Kits do not include fuel enrichment components and/or ECU programming. Custom ECU programming will be required for safe operation.
• Install time rated at 4-6 hours
• Tuner Kits are not emissions legal for street use in pollution controlled environments
• Pulley diameter changes: Careful size selection is mandatory for proper engine and supercharger longevity. Contact Vortech Tech Support for assistance with impeller speed calculations.
• A Vortech Race Bypass Valve upgrade is suggested for applications producing more than 10psi.
Complete Systems coming March 20th

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