Nic Quinones’ Subaru BRZ Is Boosted, Corn-Fed, And A Mile High…

Nic Quinones' Vortech V-3 H67B Supercharged Subaru BRZNic Quinones has a lot of firsts under his belt when it comes to his Subaru. He was one of the first owners to take delivery of a BRZ in his home state of Colorado, he was one of the first to purchase the Vortech V-3 Supercharging System for the BRZ/FR-S (even before its official release), and he was the first to run his Vortech boosted BRZ on E85 to see what he could get with it. E85, which is an abbreviation for an ethanol fuel blend of 85% denatured ethanol fuel and 15% gasoline, is not available everywhere, but has gained an increasing following where it has become readily available across the United States. Carrying a significantly higher octane rating, cars able to run E85 (or converted to do so), when tuned correctly, have the ability to make more power, similar to vehicles running race gas.

Nic Quinones' Vortech V-3 H67B Supercharged Subaru BRZ

After Nic’s conversion to E85 with 500cc fuel injectors and fuel pump from Visconti Tuning, along with a smaller pulley for the supercharger to increase the boost, and a custom E85 tune from Harvey @ The Boost Creep Ltd. in Longmont, CO, Nic has now more than doubled the output of his BRZ, turning the dyno rollers at The Boost Creep to an extraordinary 365.3RWHP. With stock FT86 cars normally dynoing at around 160RWHP, Nic’s vortech Supercharged BRZ has been catapulted to a whole new plateau of power and performance.
Nic Quinones' Vortech V-3 H67B Supercharged Subaru BRZ

The only mods Nic is running on his mostly stock BRZ (besides the Vortech Supercharging System) are Perrin Performance’s non-resonated catback, non-catted front pipe, over pipe, oil cooler, and air/oil separator.

What may be even more remarkable is the fact that Nic is making all this power at only 12psi boost, and at an altitude of over 5,000ft., where the air is much thinner, and therefore more difficult to make both boost and power.

DNic Quinones' Vortech V-3 H67B Supercharged Subaru BRZ

“I planned on towing the car home (from the dyno), but after seeing these numbers I just had to drive it home. Just from the drive home the car is amazing. You have plenty of power down low, no need to down shift to pass. From 1,000 to 5,000 you can feel the torque…your head is almost all the way back in the seat. But where the real power is, is from 4,500 to redline WOW. I wish I were better at describing all this for those of you reading this. It has a nice smooth feeling that happens very quickly. My next purchase is going to have to be tires, because my current ones break loose in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes even 4th now. Hope this helps some of you out, like I said I can’t describe how amazing this kit is.”

Nic Quinones' Vortech V-3 H67B Supercharged Subaru BRZ

When asked what he thinks of his Vortech Supercharged BRZ now that he has had some time to adapt to his new power, Nic had this to say: “It’s AMAZING! I was happy with the kit the first time but now its hard to explain it. Its like taking the 4 cylinder it was and turning it into a giant V8. What’s crazy and I have never had before is in first and second gear when taking off the tires break loose till about 4000rpm then right at 5500-6000 they break loose again without changing gears or anything. Big Thanks to Vortech, And The Boost Creep Ltd. for the tune.”

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7 Responses to Nic Quinones’ Subaru BRZ Is Boosted, Corn-Fed, And A Mile High…

  1. pete says:

    so it makes the power of a stock camaro with all that work done to it. awesome

    • If “all of that work” is a 4-6 hour supercharger install, some upgraded fuel components, and an exhaust…then you are correct. The same power as a stock Camaro, for around the same money invested.

      • pete says:

        the one thing i’ll give the brz is that it’s not an overbloated pig of a car like the new camaro is. probably will definitively outhandle a nearly 4000 pound camaro ss.

  2. Sean says:

    Great job and sounds like a whole new driving experience for you. I run a V-3 Sci on a S2000 (not E85 tuned). Loads of fun and hope to drive it for years to come. Hope you get to do the same with yours. Enjoy!

  3. Dave says:

    Is this car still running on stock internals? I am doing the e85 conversion and pulley this week and wanted any other info from someone that has this done. Have the same setup otherwise.

  4. Dave says:

    Thanks for the info Brian. I went in this direction about and saw 391hp on the dyno jet tonight.

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