JBA and Vortech Turn Up The Power On The BOSS 302…

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Words By: Don Creason

JBA/Vortech BOSS 302 Supercharging SystemThe BOSS 302 has become one of the best bangs for the buck in the performance car world. Ready to race off the showroom floor the BOSS has been a darling of the automotive press, as well as many customers, and racers.

As enthusiasts most of us are looking for more horsepower, no matter what kind of car we drive. While the BOSS does try to improve upon our horsepower desires with a higher rev limit as well as different intake manifold and cylinder heads than the standard Mustang GT, for many of the Mustang faithful dealing with modern performance cars 444 hp is just not enough.

Supercharging has been a popular upgrade for Mustangs since the ‘60s gaining even more popularity and snowballing with the Fox-body platform. The modular engine line has always been proven to respond well to forced induction, and the Roadrunner engine in the BOSS is no different. Up until now though there has not been a 50-state emissions legal bolt-on Vortech supercharger for the BOSS.

JBA Speed Shop has recently teamed up with long time supercharger builder Vortech, to create a direct fit, 50-state emission legal BOSS supercharger system. This system is based on the Vortech V3 Si supercharger. The system comes standard in satin finish but can be ordered in optional matte black or polished. Everything is included, even an SCT tune for 91 octane fuel, ensuring the system will work no matter what state the customer lives in.

Parts included:

JBA/Vortech BOSS 302 Supercharging System – V-3 Si Compressor
– Supercharger lubricant
– Mounting bracket
– Engine cooling system modification
– Discharge assembly
– Air inlet assembly with 98mm MAF
– SCT tuner with 91 octane tune
– Race bypass valve
– Air-to-air charge cooler
– 8 specific Boss fuel injectors
– Instruction manual

The system boosts the BOSS’s Roadrunner engine output to 640 hp, and 524 ft-lbs of torque, based on calculations from the rear wheel horsepower testing. More power is likely available with tunes for higher octane fuel, or more boost, but that’s between owners and their tuner.

These kits are custom built and take four to six weeks for delivery. For more information check out the JBA web site.

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