FT86 SpeedFactory Hit The Dyno With Their Vortech Supercharged FR-S…

FT86 SpeedFactory Dyno Teaser
In preparation for a NASA Time Attack event, the boys from FT86 SpeedFactory brought their FR-S to the dyno at Central Imports for some additional dialing in. Having already performed flawlessly driving halfway across the country, and at several track events including 86Fest, they knew the car was doing well…but a chance to see if a few more HP could be found on the dyno was too good to pass up.

FT86 SpeedFactory Vortech Supercharged Scion FR-SFT86 SpeedFactory Vortech Supercharged Scion FR-S

The results? How does 256RWHP sound on the stock pulley running 91 octane? That’s over a 50% gain from stock at the rear wheels!

FT86 SpeedFactory Dyno Results

For more information, contact FT-86 SpeedFactory, or Vortech Superchargers.

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