SpeedZone Performance’s LSX-Swapped & Vortech Supercharged S13 Is Several Levels Of Cool…

Vishal Mathur's LSX Powered & Vortech Supercharged S13The GM LS engines are easy to obtain, relatively inexpensive to buy, easy to work on, and have the capability to make sizable amounts of horsepower without breaking the bank. Therefore, the LSX-Swapped and Vortech Supercharged combination has already started to become widely known as the go-to combo for massive, reliable, drop-in power for all kinds of vehicles…and we’re not just talking Chevys here.

Vishal Mathur's Vortech Supercharged & LSX-Swapped S13

Case in point is Vishal Mathur’s Nissan S13 Silvia. Vishal’s car is not the type of thing you see every day, not even in sunny Kissimmee Florida where he runs his shop Speedzone Performance. However, the level of customization on Vishal’s car certainly does work wonders for being the rolling billboard that draws enthusiasts of all types to pick up the phone or stop by the shop and swipe their credit cards and plunk down their hard earned cash in hopes of getting their own rides to reach the same level.

"Hottest Supercharged Setup" Winner Vishal Mathur's Vortech Supercharged LS Swapped S13Vishal Mathur, seen here with Mark Harston from UTI. Vishal’s Vortech Supercharged & LSX-Swapped S13 is making 698RWHP on the stock bottom end LS engine @ 11psi.

Vishal Mathur's LSX Powered & Vortech Supercharged S13Vishal Mathur's LSX Powered & Vortech Supercharged S13

Vishal’s S13 features a Chargespeed Widebody Kit with an R32 GTST Rear Spoiler, VIS Carbon Hood and Trunk, and Wilwood Brakes sitting behind Lenso Spec E Wheels. Suspension is handled via D2 Airride Suspension, with Truhart Suspension Camber and caster kits. The interior features a Cusco 4 Point Roll Cage, and all manner of customized appointments from gauges, quick release NRG steering wheel, and the dash itself, a Carbon Worx unit with Nikworx gauge and speaker pods.

Vishal Mathur's Vortech Supercharged & LSX-Swapped S13Under the hood is really where it gets serious, with the 5.3L bottom end out of a Chevy Truck got the treatment of 317 Heads with Speedzone port and polishing, Comp Cams custom grind Camshaft, LS3 Lifters/Trays, Voodoo valve springs/retainers, Manley push rods, and a Double Roller Chain Set courtesy of Comp Cams. The boost is provided by a Vortech V-2 S-Trim Supercharger with A&A Corvette C5 Corvette mounting bracketry, feeding through a custom Speedzone intercooler and piping into a FAST 102 Intake manifold and throttle body. The fuel system was upgraded to include FAST Fuel Rails, Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors, and an Aeromotive A1000 Pump and regulator. the combo is rounded out by a Dominator T56 Transmission and an ACT Extreme Clutch kit with 6 Puck sprung disk and ACT Steel Flywheel. Tuned on HPTuners by Jeremy Formata (Fast Proms Tuning), the package put down 698hp / 599tq @ 6,800rpm on 11psi. using 93 Octane.

Promo video for Lenso wheels featuring Vishal’s Vortech Supercharged S13:

Vishal Mathur's Vortech Supercharged & LSX-Swapped S13

Next up for Vishal is a whole new engine combo, with a larger displacement, built bottom end LSX topped off with a Vortech V-7 YSi and a whole lot more boost!

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