Dustin Farthing Continues To Dominate The APBA Pro Runabout Class With His Vortech Supercharged Kawasaki…

Without a doubt, when it comes to racing personal watercraft, Dustin Farthing is not only the man, but the man to beat. The only problem is…nobody seems to be able to do so. Farthing, with his Monster Energy, Vortech supercharged, Mountain Motorsports Ultra 250 Kawasaki PWC is an unstoppable juggernaut in the water…and he’s loving every minute of it.

This stop on the “Farthing Domination Tour 2010” was at the Hydro-Turf APBA Nationals in Colonial Beach, VA on August 7th-8th where Dustin posted 4 first place finishes at the two day event. “My Vortech Supercharged Kawasaki boat performed flawlessly over the entire weekend” Dustin said. “With all the supercharged offerings from Yamaha and SeaDoo the competition is getting more difficult all the time, but my Kawi just had tons of power and out classed everything else in the water”.

Dustin takes a time out to sign autographs for his fans.

Dustin wanted to thank his fans, his crew and his sponsors – Monster Energy, Kawasaki, Mountain Motorsports, Vortech superchargers, and Phil Farthing.

For more information, please go to www.farthingracing.com, www.vortechsuperchargers.com, or www.vortechmarine.com

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