The Fastest Supercharged SRT8 Jeeps In The World Continue To Choose Vortech…

We’ve been talking about the power that can be achieved with Vortech Supercharged boost on the SRT8 platform for a long time, most notably with Keoni Stryhn’s insane 393 cubic inch, T-Trim Supercharged beast that set the record at 10.47 @132mph. Well, now Keoni is no longer alone, as Brian Brunt has planted himself firmly at the top of the mountain with him by rocketing to an incredible 10.47 @ 129.37mph in his own SRT8 Grand Cherokee.

In fact, this is arguably even more of an accomplishment considering Brian’s Jeep earned that ET without the help of Nitrous, and with full factory interior still installed at a weight of roughly 5,000lbs! Brunt’s 2007 SRT8 is armed with a Bischoff 426 cubic inch fully forged, low compression engine, a Vortech V-7 YSi-Trim Supercharger forcing 12psi of super efficient boost through an enormous air/air intercooler, an RDP Race Supercharger Mounting Bracket package, Arrington 100mm Throttle Body, custom CAI and sheet metal intake, Billet Tech valve covers & coil covers, 90lb. injectors, custom aluminum fuel tank with Aeromotive 1000hp fuel pump, Paramount transmission with trans brake, Paramount transfer case, DTS custom rear differential with 35 spline Strange axles, Paramount Posi front differential, custom drive shafts & safety loop, and Penske coilovers.

Brunt’s 10.47 run was at the Milan Dragway No ET Nationals. Brian and Keoni both plan to attend the upcoming late model HEMI meet at Atco Raceway next month, so both of the world’s fastest Supercharged SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokees will be there to show what they can do. Maybe if we are all really lucky, they might even get a head to head run in for the crowd. Which one of these beasts will break the 9 second barrier first…we’ll have to wait and see.

This just goes to show that when it comes to late model Supercharged HEMI performance, the fastest in the world choose Vortech.

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One Response to The Fastest Supercharged SRT8 Jeeps In The World Continue To Choose Vortech…

  1. Nik says:

    Wicked stuff. Lets see more like this!

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